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Latest Pets in Love ♥♥♥ Articles

Doggy Welcomes His Soldier Dad!

Sep 26, 2013: Awwww... military homecomings are the best, aren't they? There's nothing more fulfilling than watching our brave soldiers being greeted by their family and loved ones after a long period of deployment. One such soldier, PFC Carsen L. Clark from Wisconsin had only one request when he returned from Afghanistan "Just bring my dog!" WATCH NOW!

How To Bully A Bulldog

Sep 24, 2013: Wow...this kitty is just not having any of the love that the pup want to supply! Watch as this feisty kitten swats away the bulldog's advances. LOL!

Cute Puppy Chases Tail

Sep 13, 2013: Oh would you look at that! This little puppy really is quite spunky! Watch him tease his much bigger pal by chasing his tail. We think it's especially cute when the bigger doggie sits on his tail to avoid being annoyed!

Brave Chihuahua Protects Kittens!

Sep 5, 2013: If caring is sharing, this feisty little Chihuahua has no intention of caring about the new pooch in town...these kittens are NOT for sharing! LOL!

Lost Dora reunited with family after 7 months!

Aug 5, 2013: Dora the doggy got scared by some nearby fireworks, ran away from home and got lost. Watch this heart warming story about how she was reunited with her loving family after 7 long and heart wrenching months!

A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him

Jun 27, 2013: Tuesday is a very special Golden Retriever. U.S. Army Captain, Luis Montalván was a victim of PTSD a severe brain injury and physical injuries so bad that he couldn't climb a flight of stairs. He was disappointed and about to give up on life, when he met a pooch, Tuesday that changed his life forever!

Great Dane Puppies & A Blanket

Jun 19, 2013: It's official! Puppies can have the best time with anything! Watch as these little pooches have the time of their life with a blanket. Om nom nom we want to join in though!

The Sad Cat Diary

Jun 17, 2013: We all know we can never live up to our cat's expectations, but we never knew it was this bad! Watch this hilarious video showcasing the inner musings of your household kitty. Would your kitten agree?

Snuggle Time With A Golden Retriever Puppy

Jun 14, 2013: Well helloooo, Cuddles! If you're bored at work this video is all you need to perk you up! Take a minute or two and cuddle up with this adorable and beautiful Golden Retriever pup!

Max the Breast Cancer Detecting Dog

Jun 13, 2013: Max, the dog and his pet mom, Maureen have a beautiful friendship. Maureen noticed that Max was not his usual bouncy, lively self, and instinctively knew something was wrong. Sure enough, she detected a lump in her breast, and the doctors confirmed it was breast cancer! Maureen credits Max for saving her life.

Pet Friends - Lacey & Hannah!

Jun 6, 2013: Is it just us, or is that cat enormous? Lacey, a 14 week old puppy and Hannah, a 8 month old cat enjoy sunning themselves on a gorgeous Summer day.

Cuteness - A Cat & Dog

Jun 6, 2013: Watch as Ellen shares with us this adorable video of two petmates - a kitty and a dog! Awww, purrrecious!

A Kitty Cuddles A Pooch

Jun 4, 2013: Awww instant cute alert! Just add snuggles! Take a 2 minute break from your busy today to watch this adorable due cuddle up!

Thor - The Super Pup!

Jun 3, 2013: Doggy therapy is the best, as Jacob, a high schooler living with Asperger's syndrom found out! Thor is Jacob's service dog, and best mate. Thor helps keep Jacob calm and focused when life gets overwhelming!

Besties: A Puppy & Jaguar!

May 29, 2013: The beautiful thing about friendships is that they blossom in the most unlikely of circumstances, especially one between a dog and a (rather large) cat! Watch this touching story of how these two cuties met and how they now can't live without each other.
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