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Latest Sleepy Pets Articles

Rocky the Kitten Falls Asleep While Playing

Jul 29, 2013: Rocky the kitten is a cutie-pie! He wants to play, but is oh so tired... Watch and "awwww" as this little kitty makes you smile.

Happy Times!

Mar 18, 2013: Happy is an adorable Maltese & Daschund mix... watch him loll about in bed, yawn, stretch and be completely cute! He's also got quite the voice, watch at the end as he serenades you with a catchy tune! ;)

Doggy Can't Stay Awake!

Feb 4, 2013: Ever been so tired you could fall asleep standing up, and yet, not want to sleep in case you miss out on the fun? Looks like this pooch is in a similar pickle!

Sleepy Kitty Snooze-fest!

Jan 18, 2013: Oh my goodness! Are you ready to watch the most adorable video on the internet? It's a sleepy kitty purring, lazing, snoozing and cuddling to perfection, what more can you ever want?

Henry Is Curious!

Nov 15, 2012: 10 week old Golden Retriever pooch, Henry is guaranteed to make you grin at your computer screen!

"Im awake! Promizzzzzz"

Nov 5, 2012: What's better than a kitten nodding off? That's right! NOTHING. Watch and giggle!

Murkin Gets A Kitty Massage

Oct 16, 2012: Everyone's favourite Thomas O'Malley Flufferpants is feeeling generous today! Watch him give Murkin a kitty massage!

Kittens Befriend German Shepherd

Oct 1, 2012: Watch how Mari meets and befriends Snowball and the rest of the ragdoll kittens! Words can not express how cute this video is!

Puppy Kisses

Oct 1, 2012: Something to brighten up your Monday! We want to adopt all these cuties, now! Which of these little pooches is your favorite?

Poochy Smoochie

Sep 11, 2012: WARNING: Heavy PDA Alert!

RayRay, Mango and Milkshake!

Sep 10, 2012: This video has all you can ever ask for: A kitten, a bulldog and a pit bull puppy! LIKE if there's nothing better than adopting a pet!

Mousey, Why are you so cute?

Sep 6, 2012: Little Mousey, the blue point Himalayan kitten is adorable and knows it! Watch him roll around, we guarantee he will make you smile! LIKE if he melts your heart!

Kitty is a Chick Magnet!

Aug 29, 2012: This little kitty sure knows how to get the chicks to flock to him! He doesn't seem to mind the extra attention at all..! LIKE + SHARE this adorable set of cuties!

Bbbbut... Mew?

Aug 28, 2012: LIKE if you know this little kitty cat can get away with anything! Watch his adorable mews and "awwww" along with us! We just want to cuddle him!

The Kitty Sleeps Tonight

Aug 17, 2012: Sing along now, we know you want to! "In the shelter, the might shelter..."
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