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Rescue Story: Arwee Cat

Arwee's Arrival

I took Arwee home that afternoon… [and] I didn't see her for the better part of three weeks. In spite of my attempts to lure her out, she just crawled further underneath the bed.

However, one night I woke to the softest tickle of baby whiskers on my cheek…

Anonymous, from Lubbock, TX

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Delicious Or Deadly?

Delicious or Deadly

Some common foods can make a pet sick. Do you know which are safe?Test your knowledge with this QUIZ!


Mystic's Miracle

Mystic was rescued from severe abuse. Her tail had been broken in multiple places, and healed fused, making it difficult for her to walk. It had to be amputated. Though the surgery was a success, she was struck by neurological and renal problems that required further specialized care.

Mystic desperately needed a miracle.

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A Shot at Life
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Help Blake See The World Without Pain!

Blake and his sister were found abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles. A Good Samaritan took them into Stray Cat Alliance. They took Blake to an eye specialist who determined he had Eye Lid Agenesis. Blake's eyes have a deformity where the top eyelids did not form—causing the cornea to be exposed and the eyes to not be able to close properly. Surgery is the only option for Blake. The veterinarian will have to take skin from Blake's lip to form artificial eyelids so he can close his eyes again. Blake is in urgent need of surgery so he can live a life free of pain!
You can help! Blake receive the eye surgery he needs to see the world in a brand new way!!

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