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Hungry Oliver

I was sitting in my office looking out the window, when I saw a little black and white kitten.

The kitten stopped outside the front door and rubbed against every person that went in or out. He also tried to dart inside the building at every opportunity. …

Patricia, Rockaway Park, NY

A Starving Orphan Finds A Savior! »

Think Black Cats Are Bad Luck?

Black cats have the hardest time finding homes. Well, Magic Kevin will show you what a mistake that is! »

Do You Know What Barks Mean?

So while our dogs don't exactly "talk" like we do, it is certain that their barks mean something! »

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Help Protect Polar Bears!

The majestic polar bear isn't just an arctic icon — it's a critical component of the arctic ecosystem. But as climate change is melting their hunting ground, many are starving and forced to swim extreme distances between ice floes. Two-thirds of the world's polar bears could be lost in as few as 35 years. If we do nothing to change the path we’re on, they could be wiped out.

The best way to protect them is to limit carbon pollution and stop climate change, through policies like the EPA's Clean Power Plan. But Congress has made attacking the plan a top priority — despite overwhelming public support for climate action.

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These Stories Show Just How Important It Is To Help Our Greatest Companions Across The Rainbow Bridge.

Loss and grief are tragic, inescapable, and universal experiences. We all fear losing our loved ones, and that doesn’t just mean the human ones. Saying goodbye to your furry children can be unbelievably painful, and it is compounded when you have to make the choice of when they go. Knowing they will someday cross the Rainbow Bridge is vastly different from watching them walk across it. Read more at http://blog.theanimalrescuesite.com/petgrief/#bEMdhOsUvepZLkYe.99

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Feed Shelter Animals
With millions of cats and dogs in shelters, rescue organizations have a lot of mouths to feed.In fact, one of the biggest expenses for shelters and rescue groups is feeding the animals in their care. By providing them with free, healthy meals, GreaterGood.org makes it possible for shelters to focus their energy and limited resources on other important needs — like saving more animals.

And you can help. Just $1.00 helps provide 20 meals to animals in shelters. Your gift helps keep these pets fed while they wait to find their forever homes!

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