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Rescue Story: Butchie Boy

Butchie Boy

I visited the shelter a few times looking at small sized dogs as I am quite petite. When no dog particularly took my interest, the shelter showed me a “medium” size dog, a 95-pound English Bulldog mix named Butch that has been in the shelter for over a month. He was on his back asking for a belly rub…

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Abandoning A Pet Is Never Ok!

Over 3 million animal end up in shelters after being abandoned by their families! »

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Feed Shelter Animals

With millions of cats and dogs in shelters, rescue organizations have a lot of mouths to feed.In fact, one of the biggest expenses for shelters and rescue groups is feeding the animals in their care. By providing them with free, healthy meals, makes it possible for shelters to focus their energy and limited resources on other important needs.

You can help. Just $1.00 helps provide 20 meals to animals in shelters. Your gift helps keep these pets fed while they wait to find their forever homes!

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