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Accidental Find

If we were going to get a second dog we had some rules: We wanted a girl, she had to be smaller than our other dog, and an older dog. Then we saw him.

He had just had surgery to remove his right front leg. He was giving out kisses left and right, and his tail never stopped wagging…

Find Out How He Won Their Hearts! »

Her Life Was A Nightmare

Pika spent a year living in a hole, trapped, alone, and almost dead. »

A Dog Succumbs to the Forces of Gravity

Protect Our Pets

It’s a simple solution: a federal registry that identifies convicted animal abusers, keeping other animals safe.

While some states continue to pursue legislation, we need a nationwide registry that protects animals beyond state borders.

Sign the Petition. Help Protect Our Pets.

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Help Save Dogs From This Barbaric Festival!

In Yulin, China, the summer solstice marks their annual dog-eating festival. An estimated 10,000 dogs are kept in small cages, suffer from neglect, and are inhumanely killed. Worse, many of these dogs are stolen pets—some of them still wearing their collars. Volunteers have tried to save as many dogs as they can. Recently, the San Diego Humane Society took 26 dogs under its wing, with many more expected to arrive soon. Slowly, these dogs are being taught to forget their fear and remember how to play, how to trust, and most importantly, how to love. One day, they may be able to find a forever home.

You can help the San Diego Humane Society care for and rehabilitate these sweet pups.

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Animal Abuse Evidence Kits - Help Stop Cruelty Now
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