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A white poodle laying in the grass

Cheeky Rescue

Her name is Elsa and she was born blind and deaf.

She seemed to be able to 'see' the difference between bright light and darkness. I took her to an eye specialist to see if she had any sight and they did a temporary tacking-back of her eyelid to see if her sight improved…

Being Blind Doesn't Always Mean You Can't See! »

Birds Of A Feather Bark Together

Diamond found a critically injured baby bird, and made sure the bird recovered. Now they are inseparable! »

Woman cuddling cat

Save Abused Pets

Few domestic violence shelters are able to accommodate pets.

Tragically, victims are often forced to leave their pets behind, or remain with them and subject themselves, their children, and their pets to continued abuse.

You can give them a safe haven.

Help Pets Escape Domestic Violence »

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Help Save Dogs From This Barbaric Festival!

In Yulin, China, the summer solstice marks their annual dog-eating festival. An estimated 10,000 dogs are kept in small cages, suffer from neglect, and are inhumanely killed. Worse, many of these dogs are stolen pets—some of them still wearing their collars. Volunteers have tried to save as many dogs as they can. Recently, the San Diego Humane Society took 26 dogs under its wing, with many more expected to arrive soon. Slowly, these dogs are being taught to forget their fear and remember how to play, how to trust, and most importantly, how to love. One day, they may be able to find a forever home.

You can help the San Diego Humane Society care for and rehabilitate these sweet pups.

Learn More!

Help Care for Abused Circus Lions
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