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gray tiger cat

He's MY Kitty, Nacho!

I looked out on my deck to find a 3 - 4 month old kitten sitting on a chair. When I went out, he ran. I have several cats and when I went out to feed or commune with them, this little guy wanted to get in on that action. Within a week, he was in the house terrorizing the other cats.

Within two weeks he'd figured out the cat door... »

The Clock is Ticking For Dogs In Russia As The World Cup Tournament Approaches

dog behind cage and stuffed toy dog

Russian cities are culling stray dogs by poisoning them. »

How Does A City Re-home 30,000 Stray Cats Without Putting Any Down?

group of feral cats

"If anyone can, we can do it."»

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Help Shelter Dogs Escape the Heat

Currently, the Rescate Fenix shelter in Sonora, Mexico has to keep their rescued dogs outside. There is no paved or shaded area, so the dogs must either sit or lay on dirt ground, with neither sun nor rain protection. Flea, tick, and fly infestations, along with other skin problems caused and exacerbated by the dirt and relentless sun are common. Summer temperatures can reach 115 degrees, and during the rainy season, mud and wetness increase skin problems and medical issues in a cycle of misery.

You can help. Each Sala allows safe, protected space for 12 dogs and costs $300 per sala. Our goal is to help build 8 Salas for the dogs of Rescate Fenix. Please help today!

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Spoil Your Pet To Benefit Shelter Pets!

Your pet deserves the very best, and you work hard to ensure that she gets it. Now you can do even more - with RescueBox! RescueBox is a monthly subscription that brings your pet the best toys and treats (with a little something for you, too).

When you sign up for RescueBox, you're also providing food and care for shelter pets still wating for furrever homes. It's a huge win - you get to spoil your pet while helping shelter pets in need who are still wating for furrever families. Who wouldn't want all that? To get 10% off your first order, enter code GGRB10CENT at checkout.

Get One For Your Pet »

Protect Shelter Dogs with Vaccinations
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