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Feral Miracle

Vesper had been a feral cat. A woman hit her with her car, brought her into the vet's office, and dropped her off without paying.

She didn't have the use of her legs, so they were going to euthanize her. One of the vet techs intervened & took her home. After a month, she regained the use of her legs…

See How Vesper Won Everyone Over! »

Finding Cats A Home Is So Zen!

A yoga studio in Illinois teamed up with a local animal shelter and the combo was pawfect! »

Stop Puppy Mills!

Pet stores that care about puppies don't sell them. That's because the majority of pet stores that sell puppies carry dogs from cruel and inhumane puppy mills.

Help stop this cycle of cruelty simply by choosing to adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue!

Sign to Outlaw This Horrific Practice! »

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Help Save The Sumatran Rainforest

As recently as the 1950s, the island nation of Indonesia was covered with dense rainforest. Today, just half of this tropical forest remains. Nowhere is this rapid deforestation more apparent than on the island of Sumatra. Every minute on Sumatra, a forested area the size of five football fields is cleared to make way for paper, rubber and palm oil plantations.

Right now, because of a matching pledge, you can protect an acre of this endangered rainforest for just $3.41. Help us meet our goal to ensure unique wildlife can continue to survive, and one day thrive again on the island of Sumatra.

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