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Tearful Rescue

This little guy was the only one left and no one wanted him because everyone said he was ugly. He was getting ready to be "disposed" of.

He looked so relieved to ride in my van and find his new home with us. There were tears rolling down his little face…

Find Out More About This Emotional Adoption »

A distressed looked yellow lab peeks between the bars of a cage.

Get Rid of Gas Chambers!

The archaic practice of gas chamber euthanasia remains legal in at least 30 states. More humane alternatives exist, but we're not using them.

Urge Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to outlaw this inhumane and barbarous practice!

Sign to End Gas Chamber Euthanasia »

A man with a grey mustache and a white cowboy hat holds a chestnut horse by the bridle.

Help Our Horses

Indiscriminate breeding has led to domestic horse overpopulation in the U.S. As a result, horses are being neglected, abandoned and even sold for slaughter.

Low-cost gelding clinics are a crucial resource to help keep horse populations at a manageable level.

Help Keep Crucial Gelding Clinics Open »

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Beat the Heat: A Sleepy Kitty Embraces the Sunlight with a Mid-Afternoon Nap

Keeping Cats and Canines Cool This Summer

In many regions, July and August can be the hottest months of the summer. With record-setting temperatures this year, it's crucial to pay close attention to our pets and make sure they're keeping cool.

A new campaign is raising awareness about leaving dogs in the car, where rising summer temperatures can quickly turn tragic. You can help spread the word by signing the pledge and sharing it with friends and family. Of course, keeping our pets safe is a yearlong endeavor, so let's work together to beat the heat!

Sign the personal pledge to raise awareness and act when pets are at risk

Safely Fence in Rescued Horses
Emily Solly-Tanner is a 6th grader with a love for horses. When she visited Center Valley Animal Rescue, a non-profit that rehabilitates unwanted, injured and abandoned animals, Emily noticed that the fencing was in need of some serious TLC.

In order to keep their precious animals safe for decades to come, Center Valley needs sturdy, long-lasting fences.

Support This Non-Profit's Life-Saving Work By Helping Them Build New Fences!

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