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Rescued Pit Bull Crawled Because It Was Too Painful To Walk

pit bull by succulents

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Cute yellow lab puppy sitting next to a bowl of food with a sign that says National Feed a Pet Rescue Week - Fill the Bowl

Filling Tummies & Saving Lives

One of the greatest expenses for shelters is the never-ending cost of quality food. When a huge portion of the budget is dedicated to food, fewer animals in need can be saved. But when food is covered, a good shelter can work miracles.

It's Feed a Rescue Pet Week - Help fund 5 million meals!

large tan brazilian dog

The Brazilian Beauty

In January, 2011, areas of Brazil suffered horrendous flooding and mudslides. Thousands of deaths were reported. At one point, a picture appeared on an online news website showing rows of graves freshly dug, with only one grave filled. A dog was lying next to that filled grave.

I would be happy to adopt the dog if ... »

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This new program will give even more shelter pets a chance to stay healthy and happy, and eventually find their furrever homes. It's a fantastic way to give rescue pets the lives they deserve, and to learn about how you are helping them.

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A New Knee for Ginger

A Better Life—Peace, Love and Animals found Ginger as a stray. Upon intake and evaluation she was immediately diagnosed with a torn knee and will need surgery to correct it. After she has surgery it's expected that her recovery time will be several months. Despite her pain she is a pistol full of joy. She loves to give kisses and is the heart of the rescue. She will make someone an excellent pet one day.

You can help. Just $25 goes far toward Ginger’s surgery and recovery.

Give Here!

Pallets of Pet Food for American Shelters
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