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Valkyrie the cat is small and black with patchy sections of missing fur.

Diamond in the Rough

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't even want to look at all the cats I could choose from.

I asked the lady at front desk to show me the cat that had been here the longest, the ugliest, or the one no one seemed to show interest in…

Find Out Who This Kind Owner Ended Up With »

No More Horse Slaughter

Eighty percent of Americans are opposed to horse slaughter. But due to the lucrative foreign market, the USDA is considering reopening horse slaughter plants in the U.S.

We must take action to ensure these facilities remain closed!

Urge the USDA to Keep Horse Slaughter Illegal »

Pit Bull Saves Deaf Boy In House Fire

A 13-year-old deaf boy embraces his pet pit bull after the dog saved his life during a house fire.

This pit bull deserves a gold medal after waking his deaf owner during a house fire! See This Amazing Story »

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CatBag1It’s No Secret — These Cats Are in Bags!

It is a fact that cats LOVE bags! See what kind of bags these cute kitties get into.

Schoep1Beloved For 20 Years, Schoep Epitomizes Love Between Man And Dog

An extraordinary photograph gained national attention for illustrating the love between a dog and his human.  John Unger adopted Schoep at just 8 months old, rescuing him from an abusive situation and teaching him to love and trust once more.  The years passed and their friendship deepened. When Schoep become old and frail with arthritis, […]

BellyDancer1Incredible Team Perfects Dance Coreography – You Have To See This!

The amazing relationship between these two dancers is clear from the moment the music starts.  And that beautiful Look at the grace and timing – incredible patience and practice that must have gone into developing this choreographed belly-dancing routine.  The dancer has whimsically called it, “Riddle Of The East.”  A performance like this can be […]

CottonsVigil1This Deaf Pit Bull’s Loyalty Is Incredible. Watch The Tail At 2:25 For A Smile!

Cotton is a deaf white service dog who is full of love for his family.  While his beloved human drilled with the Oregon National Guard,  Cotton waited patiently at the door for days to welcome him home.  This beautiful, loyal pit bull illustrates everything that is treasured about the relationship between man and dog.  Watch […]

Bella1Intense Concentration vs. Food Toy – Who Will Win? Must Watch!

This sweet dog has it all – intelligence, energy, and drive.  Her mama was worried that she was eating too fast and getting a little bored with her dinner routine.  So she devised a remarkable contraption to enliven feeding time and keep this spunky girl’s brain busy.  It’s amazing to watch Bella observe the food-dispensing […]

Help America's Horses: Support Low-Cost Gelding
Decades of indiscriminate breeding have led to more domestic horses than the market can bear. Coupled with a poor economy, this has resulted in many horses being neglected, abandoned, and even sold for slaughter.

National Equine Resource Network's low-cost gelding clinics help keep horse populations at a manageable level, ensuring a brighter future for the next generation of these noble creatures.

Keep This Crucial Service Available to All Horse Owners!

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