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DIxie the black and tan German Shepard with her puppy friend Danny

Neighborly Rescue

When I moved into my home in March 2013, Dixie lived in a pen outside next door. I noticed her owners hardly ever fed or watered her, so with their permission, I started feeding her myself.

I asked the owner's permission to play with her, and to teach her basic obedience. She loved it.

Find Out How Dixie Found A New Home »

Dog Therapy

Ricochet was a retired service dog until she hopped onto a surf board with a young quadriplegic. Now she helps both physically and mentally for many people with varying disabilities.

Now you can help others experience a unique experience and help Ricochet bring empowerment to many.

Help Keep Ricochet On The Water »

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The Animal Rescue Site Blog

Stop Everything And Watch This Bulldog Take His First Real Steps! Thanks To Some Caring People, Spencer Is Now Able To Move About On His Own! I Love This!

Spencer the bulldog has spent his life unable to feel his back legs. He gets around by dragging his legs behind him, and relies on his caring human to carry him places. Thanks to some wonderful people at a brace and limb clinic, Spencer gained the independence that comes with being able to walk! His joyful sprint down the hall after receiving his leg braces is enough to make you burst into tears! If you thought this story couldn't get any sweeter, you would be wrong! Spencer has a best friend at home who can't wait to join him on his walks - a blind pig named Porkchop!

BorderCollieSneak1I Didn’t Think This Video Of Sneaky Border Collies Could Get Any Better, But I Was Wrong! The 1:35 Mark Had Me Laughing Out Loud!

Stop whatever you are doing and watch this hilarious video of border collies playing ninja in their yard. The entire video is entertaining, but the ending actually made me laugh out loud! I keep playing it over and over again. I love this!

bouncingdoggy2OMG! You Will Totally Root For This Little Guy Trying To Meet A Newborn Baby!

It’s hard not to be excited for a newborn in the house, but this little guy sure takes it to an adorable level. No matter how many times he fails, he keeps on trying! The best part is that he never loses his smile! What a great display of dedication from an awesome dog. Watch...

Photo: Jessica HillHomer’s Legacy: The Journey Continues

I was sure that I'd learned all there was for Homer to teach me, and all that was left was for us to love each other profoundly until the end. And then, a year ago today, Homer died. Yet somehow I feel that if he were still here with me to see what's happened over the past year, to hover over my shoulder and whisper in my ear, my little blind teacher of 16 years might have said, You ain't seen nothing yet.

AGTScooby1Wow! This Dog Totally Steals The Show! I’m In Love With Scooby!

Hand balancer Christian Stoinev has a secret weapon to his already impressive act - his best friend Scooby! Watch as these two dazzle the crowd with Christian's jaw-dropping hand balancing skills and Scooby's awesome dance moves!

Help Spay and Neuter Cats!
In the United States, more than 3 million pets are euthanized each year. The number of animals entering shelters is greater than the number of people willing to adopt them.

You Can Help Make Sure Every Animal Can Find A Home

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