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Video: Little Girl and Horse are Best Friends

Best Friends on a Winter Walk

Meet Emma and her best friend, Cinnamon the mustang. Not even a winter chill can come between this little cowgirl-in-training and her beloved pal.

Watch as Emma takes Cinnamon for a walk in the snow!

See Emma Take The Reigns »

Poppy the Cat

Precious Poppy

I was petting different cats and a paw came over and touched me. It was who I would soon name Poppy.

I petted him but if I would stop, his paw would grab me back to him. Poppy had decided I was his and he was finally going home…

Nancy, from Scotia, NY

— Click to Read Poppy's Story —

Adorable Gets Her Shot at Life

Adorable Finds a New Yard for Playing Fetch

Adorable (pictured here) is one of a group of 200 puppies that received life-saving vaccines. Healthy puppies stand a much greater chance of adoption at shelters. Click to learn more »

Hover mouse over slide to pause.

April Showers Special Values

Why this ad?
Give Shelter Animals a Shot at Life

Join the Two Million Pet Challenge

According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), between 6 and 8 million dogs and cats will be left at shelters each year. Animals that are healthy, well-fed, and disease-resistant have much better odds of finding a happy forever home.

Preventable diseases like kennel cough or feline herpesvirus can stop an adoption in its tracks - not to mention being a danger to unprotected populations in the shelter. Although shelters try to meet the needs of their animals, they may not be able to afford a timely delivery of much-needed vaccinations.

Together, we can help 2 million pets - one vaccination at a time!

Help Shelter Cats Cope with a Castle
While waiting for a forever home, shelter cats often live in small stainless steel cages with only the basic necessities. These cardboard castles create a personal space where a cat can feel secure, whether safely tucked away behind the drawbridge or prominently perched atop the lookout platform — and a comfortable cat is more likely to find a forever home.

Your contribution can help make shelter cats more comfortable.

Why this ad? Why this ad? Dogs Rescued from Severe Neglect - Help Now Why this ad?
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