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Rescue Story: Easter Kitten

Easter Kitten

On my last Easter before entering the Army, my mother called me and told me that I needed to come meet her on the side of the road. I thought maybe she had a flat tire or engine trouble. When I got there, she was holding this tiny black and white kitten…

Brandi M., from Tucson, AZ

— Read About Brandi's Easter Surprise —

Cat with Owner

Protect Pets. Save Wildlife.

Nearly 40% of pet cats roam loose outdoors and it's putting local wildlife at risk!

Luckily, cat owners can protect our environment by following a few simple actions. Sign the pledge and find out how.

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Adorable Gets Her Shot at Life

Adorable Finds a New Yard for Playing Fetch

Adorable (pictured here) is one of a group of 200 puppies that received life-saving vaccines. Healthy puppies stand a much greater chance of adoption at shelters. Click to learn more »

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April Showers Special Values

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Help Feed Hungry Shelter Animals

With millions of cats and dogs in shelters, rescue organizations have a lot of mouths to feed.

Providing them with free, healthy meals makes it possible for shelters to focus on other important needs — like saving more animals.

Help Provide Healthy Meals for Hungry Pets

Tell the FDA to Enact Stronger Pet Food Safety Regulations

Help Ban Potentially Lethal Pet Treats

Late last year the FDA admitted they had no idea why the imported Chinese pet treats were killing beloved family pets.

With thousands of known cases (and no way of knowing the true number), a ban on the problematic treats is a common sense solution to protect our furry friends while we figure out the cause.

Protect Your Pet: Don’t Let Profits Trump Protection

Help Shelter Cats Cope with a Castle
While waiting for a forever home, shelter cats often live in small stainless steel cages with only the basic necessities. These cardboard castles create a personal space where a cat can feel secure, whether safely tucked away behind the drawbridge or prominently perched atop the lookout platform — and a comfortable cat is more likely to find a forever home.

Your contribution can help make shelter cats more comfortable.

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