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Valkyrie the cat is small and black with patchy sections of missing fur.

Diamond in the Rough

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't even want to look at all the cats I could choose from.

I asked the lady at front desk to show me the cat that had been here the longest, the ugliest, or the one no one seemed to show interest in…

Find Out Who This Kind Owner Ended Up With »

No More Horse Slaughter

Eighty percent of Americans are opposed to horse slaughter. But due to the lucrative foreign market, the USDA is considering reopening horse slaughter plants in the U.S.

We must take action to ensure these facilities remain closed!

Urge the USDA to Keep Horse Slaughter Illegal »

A Warm Embrace after a Life of Misery

From Cold Cage to Forever Home

National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) has saved more than 8,500 dogs from puppy mills across the Midwest.

At the NMDR facility, these lucky pups start the road to recovery with food, care, and socialization before moving on to their forever homes.

Help Save Puppy Mill Dogs From Euthanasia »

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The Animal Rescue Site Blog

CatBoxes1Good Cats Come in Odd Packages — See Some of the Strangest Boxes These Cats Spend Their Time In!

Cats love to find anything around the house that they can curl up in -- see these funny cats that found some odd places to spend their time!

dogsmilelist1I Can’t Pick A Favorite Out Of These Happy Dogs! Their Smiles Are SO Big!

Such happy faces! These dogs are the happiest that I've ever seen - just check out their smiles!

PuppyComfortsDog1The Tenderness That This Puppy Shows At Such A Young Age Is Astonishing! So Sweet!

The puppy in this video is the cutest thing I have ever seen! The love that they show for their new friend is so touching.

pitbullandgirl1A Girl On The Spectrum And Her Dog — Such A Sweet Pair!

Lacy is a six-year-old girl with autism. Since she was a baby, her best friend and cuddle buddy has been a pit bull named Karma — and Karma adores Lucy. Karma has never had professional therapy training, but her acute understanding of Lucy’s needs has been a blessing to the entire family.

MountainBikeDog1I Love Watching These Two Run And Bike Through The Woods! So Much Fun!

Bryan and Kaia have been friends for years, and they love riding through the woods! Lucky for us, they decided to tape their awesome adventure - and the result is pretty fantastic!

Rescue Orphaned Bear Cubs in Russia
Each year, hundreds of brown bear cubs are left orphaned after the winter bear hunt in Russia. Cubs are born bald, toothless and blind, and depend heavily on their mothers. Alone, they have no chance of surviving.

Orphan Bear Rescue Center takes in these vulnerable young bears and bottle-feeds and cares for them around the clock until they are ready to return to the wild.

Help Orphan Bear Rescue Center give these fragile cubs a chance at life!

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