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Missy's Choice

One day I visited the shelter to talk to the cats. One gray kitty with big green eyes, reached out to me repeatedly, talking a blue streak. She was saying "Choose me! I need you, and you need me."

She managed to make it through super storm Sandy as a young kitten. I was hooked…

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Why Walk When You Can Ride?

This UK cat would disappear for hours at a time in order to ride the bus, and he even has a favorite seat! »

Valentine's Love For Your Dog!

Show your dog how much you love them this Valentine’s Day with these wonderful tips! »

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Why this ad?

Tell Craigslist Pets Aren't Products!

Most would agree that sites like Craiglist are affordable and easy to use. But it's also understood that there's a certain amount of risk involved whenever you sell or purchase on the site. Nowhere is this fact more worrisome than in the "free," "wanted," and "farm and garden" categories, where animals are bought and sold. A loophole in the Craigslist terms of use means the only requirement one must meet in order to deal in animals is to list a rehoming fee.

Craigslist must absolutely and without exception ban any and all buying, selling, and giving away of animals on their site. Not tomorrow or the next day. But now.

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These 3 Before And After Transformations Prove That One Picture Truly Does Save A Life!

It's been said that you only get one chance to make a first impression. For shelter animals, that first impression can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. That is why GreaterGood’s One Picture Saves A Life program is so important. In 2014, they trained over 2,500 shelter staff and volunteers around the country on how to groom and photograph shelter pets in order to make the best first impression and increase their chance of adoption.

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Feed Shelter Animals
With millions of cats and dogs in shelters, rescue organizations have a lot of mouths to feed.In fact, one of the biggest expenses for shelters and rescue groups is feeding the animals in their care. By providing them with free, healthy meals, GreaterGood.org makes it possible for shelters to focus their energy and limited resources on other important needs — like saving more animals.

And you can help. Just $1.00 helps provide 20 meals to animals in shelters. Your gift helps keep these pets fed while they wait to find their forever homes!

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