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Sonny and Cher are two beautiful collie mixes.

Back Country Discovery

As we passed an abandoned house, a fellow hiker said, "Ah, look at the puppies!" There were two adorable faces peeking out from the bushes.

I knew immediately the puppies had been born under the house by a very smart mamma stray…

Find Out How These Lucky Pups Made It Home »

Calvin is a white cat with black spots, pictured here up close.

Kitty in the Window Well

The window well was where our dryer vent came out, and being December, this cat had found a place to keep warm!

With 6 inches of snow coming, I wanted to bring him inside. My husband should have known better…

Find Out How This Lucky Cat Made It Inside »

The Coolest Cat Feeder of All Time

The Bistro cat feeder detects cat's faces and feeds them accordingly.

This amazing new cat feeding system uses facial recognition technology! See It in Action »

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The Animal Rescue Site Blog

scootermusicvideo1Scooter The Neutered Cat Is My New Idol. Watch Him Strut His Stuff In This Hilarious Music Video!

Scooter the Neutered Cat is the hip, new face of spaying and neutering and he's taking the animal world by storm! Learn about Scooter's campaign at GiveThemTen.org, and watch him strut his stuff in this hilarious music video!

DogSmelling3Haven’t You Always Wondered Why Dogs Smell Each Other’s Backsides?! Admit it – You’re Curious!

This is so interesting! You know you've always wondered why dogs do this odd behavior, and it turns out it's not so weird - it's actually quite useful!

DogFoodChair1You’ve Seen the Viral Video — Now Get the Story Behind It!

Today's Dog of the Day is Bella -- a pooch with a rare birth defect which prevented her esophagus from moving food from her throat to her stomach. She was unable to get the nutrition she needed, and the veterinarian told Bella's owner Jon that there was no cure. However, Jon was determined to keep his bond with Bella, so he came up with an incredible new way for her to eat her food.

Be aware of signs that your pet is experiencing pain.Identifying Pet Pain

As humans, we have a particular advantage when it comes to being in pain: We're able to express our issue verbally.

Pet owners spent an incredible amount on their companions in 2014.Pet Spending Hitting All-Time High

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent roughly $55.7 billion on their pets in 2013.

Safely Fence in Rescued Horses
Emily Solly-Tanner is a 6th grader with a love for horses. When she visited Center Valley Animal Rescue, a non-profit that rehabilitates unwanted, injured and abandoned animals, Emily noticed that the fencing was in need of some serious TLC.

In order to keep their precious animals safe for decades to come, Center Valley needs sturdy, long-lasting fences.

Support This Non-Profit's Life-Saving Work By Helping Them Build New Fences!

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