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Sahsa is a majestic striped, long-haired cat with green eyes who was found in a vacant building

Sasha the Survivor

I returned to work and was horrified to see that all the windows [of the vacant building] had been boarded shut and momma cat was at the back door, crying her heart out.

Four days and many calls to the authorities later, I was able to get into the building with traps and food…

Read More About This Courageous Rescue »

Puppy wearing a Paws With A Cause harness and lead

Help Train a Service Dog

Service dogs are the ticket to independence for many people with disabilities.

Paws With a Cause® gives shelter pups the secure foundation and excellent training they need to do become amazing assistance dogs.

Transform a Shelter Dog Into a Service Dog »

Smiling employee of Home For Life picture with three rescued spaniels

Give Strays a 'Home For Life'

Home For Life® is a different kind of shelter—a place where animals that are considered unadoptable can live out their days in safety and comfort.

But they're quickly running out of space. Make sure they don't have to turn needy animals away!

Help This Special Shelter Keep It's Doors Open »

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Animal Rescue SiteAnniversary Specials!

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The Animal Rescue Site Blog

onepotato2LOL! I Love This! One Potato, Two Potato–Feline Style. The Very End Is Hilarious!

Even after pummeling his owner at a harrowing game of "One Potato, Two Potato," this can't resist rubbing it in his opponent's face. Luckily, the cameras were rolling...and it's hilarious. Check it out!

GodMadeADog3Dogs Are A Gift To All Of Us, And This Video Explains Why!

This speech about our furry friends is perfect! Dogs hold such a special place in our lives. Everything said in this video is so true!

babyfeedscat1OMG. The Cute. It’s Too Much. Watch This Sweet Baby Share His Breakfast With His Best Cat Buddy!

There is just way too much cute going on in this video. Watch as this thoughtful baby politely shares his breakfast with his kitty pal. Adorable!

talkingkitten1You Won’t Believe The Sound That Comes Out Of This Tiny Kitten! Crazy!

This irresistible 5-week-old kitten weighs just 9 ounces, but she's got some big things to say! Check out her adorable little voice in this video!

bioniccat3You’ll Never Believe What This Cat Can Do After Losing His Hind Legs!

This resilient cat lost his hind legs in a machinery accident and became the first cat in the world to have two functional bionic limbs. You'll be amazed at what this miraculous cat can do!

Help Dogs Rescued from the Illegal Meat Trade Get Adopted
Countless dogs are stolen and cruelly killed for their meat in Southeast Asia. Soi Dog Foundation has rescued thousands of dogs from unimaginable fates, and now these animals desperately need new homes.

You can help provide medical care and food, promote the animals for adoption online, and transport them to Bangkok to fly to forever homes around the world.

Help give dogs saved from the horrific dog meat trade the loving homes they deserve!

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