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Cally is a grey cat pictured here with her best calico friend.

Heart of a Canine

Cally entertained us with her dog-like antics doing somersaults with a favorite feather toy, begging like a dog for attention, and fetching her toys on command.

She knew the words "dinner" and "treat" so we had to actually spell them when talking if it wasn't feeding time…

Read More About This Cat's Crazy Antics »

A baby black bear is cradled in the palm of a kind volunteer caregiver.

Save Baby Bears

Baby bears are intensely dependent upon their mothers. All too often, mothers are killed by poachers, cars or natural disasters, leaving cubs to fend for themselves far too early.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society is a last refuge for these vulnerable cubs, and they need your help!

Help Raise An Orphaned Bear Cub »

Protect Leopards

The Amur leopard is one of the most endangered animals in the world. Fewer than 20 are alive today.

Poaching and habitat loss continue to pummel this vulnerable species. Urge the IFAW to intervene and halt the extinction of this majestic creature before it's too late!

Sign to Keep the Amur Leopard Alive »

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Beat the Heat: A Sleepy Kitty Embraces the Sunlight with a Mid-Afternoon Nap

Keeping Cats and Canines Cool This Summer

In many regions, July and August can be the hottest months of the summer. With record-setting temperatures this year, it's crucial to pay close attention to our pets and make sure they're keeping cool.

A new campaign is raising awareness about leaving dogs in the car, where rising summer temperatures can quickly turn tragic. You can help spread the word by signing the pledge and sharing it with friends and family. Of course, keeping our pets safe is a yearlong endeavor, so let's work together to beat the heat!

Sign the personal pledge to raise awareness and act when pets are at risk

Safely Fence in Rescued Horses
Emily Solly-Tanner is a 6th grader with a love for horses. When she visited Center Valley Animal Rescue, a non-profit that rehabilitates unwanted, injured and abandoned animals, Emily noticed that the fencing was in need of some serious TLC.

In order to keep their precious animals safe for decades to come, Center Valley needs sturdy, long-lasting fences.

Support This Non-Profit's Life-Saving Work By Helping Them Build New Fences!

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