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Pet Spending Is Skyrocketing

Black Lab Puppy Rolling In Money

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent roughly $55.7 billion on their pets in 2013. Find out how big the jump is, and why!

Stop Wolf Hunts

Recently, Wildlife Services sharpshooters killed 23 wolves from a helicopter in a remote area in Idaho.

he killing has to stop. Urge Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to impose a moratorium on Wildlife Services' killing of wolves and other top predators

Help Keep Wolves Safe! »

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Help Spay and Neuter Cats!
In the United States, more than 3 million pets are euthanized each year. The number of animals entering shelters is greater than the number of people willing to adopt them.

You Can Help Make Sure Every Animal Can Find A Home

Why this ad? Why this ad? X-Ray and Ultrasound Urgently Needed for Dogs and Cats in Thailand Why this ad?
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