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Annie is a brown and white mutt who recovered from canine parvovirus

Annie's Healing

It didn't take us long to realize that she was not well. As it turns out, our little Annie had parvovirus.

My wife and I were determined to do whatever we had to do to get her well. We got out very first credit card and let the vet do what she needed…

Matt, from Delaware, OH

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An elderly woman embraces a small, black and white therapy dog

Hospice Therapy

Pet Therapy animals breathe life into the most fragile and forgotten members of society: cancer patients, the mentally ill and those in nursing homes and hospices.

The Sit*Stay*Heal program provides long-term, individualized pet therapy to those who need it most. Help them continue their selfless work!

Bring Healing Love to Those Who Need it Most »

Smiling employee of Home For Life picture with three rescued spaniels

Give Strays a 'Home For Life'

Home For Life® is a different kind of shelter—a place where animals that are considered unadoptable can live out their days in safety and comfort.

But they're quickly running out of space. Make sure they don't have to turn needy animals away!

Help This Special Shelter Keep It's Doors Open »

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Animal Rescue SiteAnniversary Specials!

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The Animal Rescue Site Blog

keyboardcatlist1AND MY CAT – Cats on keyboards

Lol! My cat does this ALL the time. I always catch her on the keyboard! Does your cat do this?

cat tonguelist2Cat Got Your Tongue? LOL! This List Of Cats Sticking Out Their Tongues Is So Funny!

I love this list! Every featured cat on here is so funny and cute! How can you pick a favorite?

dogmodellist2What A Beautiful List Of Dogs! I Can’t Even Pick A Favorite!

These dogs could be models! How pretty are they?

AirVentPuppy1LOL! This Puppy Is So Smart! I Would Do The Same Thing!

This puppy is the cutest thing in the world! Look at his awesome solution to a warm summer day. What a cutie!

10491169_10152137088041300_974464901425682993_nCats Across the World Are Commandeering Bird-Baths — Will Cats and Birds Ever Find Peace?

For centuries, a battle has been raging between cats and birds. Cats, unable to fly, have to resort to alternate tactics to compete with their avian enemies -- one such tactic is convincing their humans to lure in the birds with the promise of a quiet bath. Once the birds have settled in, they pounce!

Help Dogs Rescued from the Illegal Meat Trade Get Adopted
Countless dogs are stolen and cruelly killed for their meat in Southeast Asia. Soi Dog Foundation has rescued thousands of dogs from unimaginable fates, and now these animals desperately need new homes.

You can help provide medical care and food, promote the animals for adoption online, and transport them to Bangkok to fly to forever homes around the world.

Help give dogs saved from the horrific dog meat trade the loving homes they deserve!

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