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Rascal the cat helped a family cope with loss

Rescuing Rascal

Depressed, he went and got a shovel to bury him. Just as he wen to scoop him up, an eye opened! He gently picked up Rascal and he spent the night rolled up in a shirt to stay warm, getting milk whenever he would accept it.

Once he started growing, he just didn't stop!

Read How He Helped His Family »

Dog Survives Desert Abandonment

Dorothy is a cocker spaniel who was found struggling for life in the desert.

Dorothy was left in the desert to die. Find Out How She Made it Out Alive »

Junkyard Hero

Even though she lives in one of the poorest areas of Brazil, brave Lilica manages to be a hero to both her furry companions and her adopted family.

The intelligence and dedication this pup shows is an inspiring message for everyone. This is a must see.

See Lilica Support Her Family »

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AGTScooby1A Hand Balancer And His Dog Make Such Great Team! You Have To See This For Yourself!

Hand balancer Christian Stoinev has a secret weapon to his already impressive act - his best friend Scooby! Watch as these two dazzle the crowd with Christian's jaw-dropping hand balancing skills and Scooby's awesome dance moves!

LilyPad2When Lily Puts on Her Turtle Costume, Her Anxiety Disappears!

Lily is a sweet little bulldog who was found abandoned in a garbage can with a host of health problems. Lily’s family says that, although she suffers from anxiety and has a lot of trust issues, she has one special outfit that turns her into a completely different dog. When Lily’s owner Gina sees that...

adoptiondance3Dog Adoption = Dance Party! I Want To Adopt All My Pets Here!

Not only do these shelter employees love seeing someone go to a loving home, these wonderful people really know how to make a dog's day!

CharlieDOTD1See Charlie the Shelter Dog’s Amazing Transformation — It May Have Saved His Life!

Today's Dog of the Day is Charlie the shelter dog! This hairy pup was found homeless, hairy, and covered in spiky burrs. He was brought to a high kill shelter in the Los Angeles area, so the makeover he got from Hollywood Grooming was much needed!

Kittenacrobat3Such Adorable Kittens Trying To One Up Each Other! It Gets Even Better at 0:33!

Lots of kids dream about becoming acrobats, or scaling tall building without a rope, but apparently kittens have the same aspirations! This kitten had bigger ideas than ability, and his siblings give him a hard time. Poor guy. Hopefully he gets up there someday! Watch the video below and see a brave kitty and his...

Help Spay and Neuter Cats!
In the United States, more than 3 million pets are euthanized each year. The number of animals entering shelters is greater than the number of people willing to adopt them.

You Can Help Make Sure Every Animal Can Find A Home

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