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Rachael Ray portrait.

Save Shelter Cats with Rachael Ray!

Rachael Ray thinks shelter cats get a bad rap, and she's out to fix it.

She's partnered with The Animal Rescue Site and others to create Shelter Cats Are Beautiful, a groundbreaking program to help cats find forever homes!

Read More About Rachael's Vision »

Willow was found as a kitten hidden underneath her owner's car

Hidden Kitty

I got down on the ground and discovered a little gray kitten under the car where I couldn't reach it, crying softly. I talked to her and coaxed, but she wouldn't budge.

When I got up and walked away from the car, the kitten's crying got very loud and desperate…

Find Out How This Kitten Got Saved »

Second Chance for Pregnant Stray

Autumn is a blonde short-haired dog who was brought to the shelter pregnant with 14 pups

Autumn's 14 pups were adopted quickly, but Autumn was left behind. See How Autumn Escaped Euthanasia »

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Animal Rescue SiteAnniversary Specials!

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Elephant Rescued After 50 Years in Chains

Raju the elephant spent 50 years walking the streets of Allahbad, India as a “begging elephant.” He lived a life in chains, making movement very painful and leaving him with chronic wounds around his legs.

But on July 4th, Raju took his first steps as a free elephant thanks to support from concerned animal activists like you!

Read Raju’s Amazing Story Of Hope

Congratulations to the "Ultimate Cute" Shelter Challenge Winners!

The votes have been tallied and the results are in! The $10,000 Grand Prize goes to: Purrfect Pals of Arlington, WA (US).

And congratulations to our $3,000 runner up: National Mill Dog Rescue of Colorado Springs, CO (US).

To see a full list of winners, including photo contest, state, and weekly winners, click here.

Looking for more ways to help your favorite shelter? The “Summer Fun” Shelter Challenge begins July 14! Shelters around the world can vie for more than 240 prizes, including vaccinations, pet beds and, of course, $100,000 in cash grants.

Start Voting on July 14!

Help Dogs Rescued from the Illegal Meat Trade Get Adopted
Countless dogs are stolen and cruelly killed for their meat in Southeast Asia. Soi Dog Foundation has rescued thousands of dogs from unimaginable fates, and now these animals desperately need new homes.

You can help provide medical care and food, promote the animals for adoption online, and transport them to Bangkok to fly to forever homes around the world.

Help give dogs saved from the horrific dog meat trade the loving homes they deserve!

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