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GTGM: Shelter Animal With Special Needs

Special Care for Special Needs

Special-needs animals inspire us with their zest for life, but they need a little extra help in order to thrive. Only a few shelters in the US are able to give them the expensive necessary care.

Give animals with special needs the care they deserve!

Help a Special-Needs Shelter Animal Today »

Rescue Story: Arwee Cat

Arwee's Arrival

I took Arwee home that afternoon… [and] I didn't see her for the better part of three weeks. In spite of my attempts to lure her out, she just crawled further underneath the bed.

However, one night I woke to the softest tickle of baby whiskers on my cheek…

Anonymous, from Lubbock, TX

Find Out What Made Arwee Emerge »

Woman cuddling cat

Save Abused Pets

Few domestic violence shelters are able to accommodate pets.

Tragically, victims are often forced to leave their pets behind, or remain with them and subject themselves, their children, and their pets to continued abuse.

You can help give them a save haven.

Help Pets Escape Domestic Violence »

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April Showers Special Values

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Help Feed Hungry Shelter Animals

With millions of cats and dogs in shelters, rescue organizations have a lot of mouths to feed.

Providing them with free, healthy meals makes it possible for shelters to focus on other important needs — like saving more animals.

Help Provide Healthy Meals for Hungry Pets

Tell the FDA to Enact Stronger Pet Food Safety Regulations

Help Ban Potentially Lethal Pet Treats

Late last year the FDA admitted they had no idea why the imported Chinese pet treats were killing beloved family pets.

With thousands of known cases (and no way of knowing the true number), a ban on the problematic treats is a common sense solution to protect our furry friends while we figure out the cause.

Protect Your Pet: Don’t Let Profits Trump Protection

Spay/Neuter and Vaccinate a Street Dog in India
In India, the ancient philosophy of ahimsa (non-harming) discourages violence toward animals. Unfortunately, it also leaves India's streets teeming with unhealthy and malnourished street dogs. In Andhra Pradesh, only one animal rights group is working to fix this problem, and they need our help.

Your contribution provides crucial veterinary care to help humanely combat canine overpopulation in India.

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