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Neglected Marie

Marie was about six months old at the time and had been living in someones garage. She had never been to the vet, not even after being backed into be a car, because "nothing felt/looked wrong."

She had ear mites so bad that she should be deaf, and her back had never really healed…

Find Out How Marie Was Saved! »

Fear Sharks? Beware The Shcat

The now world famous "Shark Week" is upon us. But nothing compares to the terror of the SHCAT »

A large tiger looks at the camera with adoration.

Rescue Big Cats

There are as many as 5,000 tigers in dangerous situations across the U.S. They are in backyards, houses and kennels, often with inadequate care and space.

IFAW is committed to finding these big cats safe homes in sanctuaries. These tigers deserve a better life—they are wild animals, not pets.

Give a Rescued Tiger a Chance at Life »

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Help Save The Sumatran Rainforest

As recently as the 1950s, the island nation of Indonesia was covered with dense rainforest. Today, just half of this tropical forest remains. Nowhere is this rapid deforestation more apparent than on the island of Sumatra. Every minute on Sumatra, a forested area the size of five football fields is cleared to make way for paper, rubber and palm oil plantations.

Right now, because of a matching pledge, you can protect an acre of this endangered rainforest for just $3.41. Help us meet our goal to ensure unique wildlife can continue to survive, and one day thrive again on the island of Sumatra.

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