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Count Her Out

I saw a thin, sad looking girl laying on the bed with her head down. I walked up to her cage and she didn't look up, didn't greet me, or wag her tail, just laid there looking like she had given up.

I got down on my knee and she looked up at me and our eyes locked. I turned to my husband and said, "this one"…

Sometimes What We Want Isn't What We Need! »

A Lawsuit Against Blue Buffalo?

We all shop for the best food for our pets, but it turns out, not every label is being honest!»

Animal Moves To Make You Cry!

Films staring animals are the most effective at winding up our tear ducts. They can also bring us the most joy »

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Help Save The Sumatran Tiger

As recently as 80 years ago, Bali, Javan, and Sumatran Tigers thrived on the island chain of Indonesia. Today, because of habitat destruction and poaching, Bali and Javan Tigers are extinct and less than 400 Sumatran Tigers remain. Every minute on Sumatra, a forested area the size of five football fields is cleared to make way for paper, rubber and palm oil plantations. Without permanent habitat protection, Sumatran Tigers face the same fate as their cousins the Bali and Javan.

Help us protect Sumatran habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran tiger. We've met our goal to protect enough land for one of these tigers—help us protect more land to save another!

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Why this ad? Why this ad? Devastating Earthquake in Nepal - Help Animals Now Why this ad?
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