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Gemma the three legged cat

My Little Tripod

In the fall of 2011 I lost my cat when he was just barely a year old. I was heart broken and cried every day.

There was a stray hanging around. She had a bum leg, but seemed very friendly. She would come looking for food and attention…

Anonymous, Cheyenne, WY

Find Out How She Was Saved! »

Age Is Nothing But A Number!

Puppies might get all the attention, but as this time lapse shows, older dogs are just as beautiful! »

Homeless cats should be controlled humanely

Safe Stray Control

Many US cities attempt to control stray cats through lethal and ineffective catch-and-kill methods.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the humane alternative, and FixNation is the only clinic completely dedicated to providing it—free of charge.

Help them continue their vital work.

Support Humane Stray Management »

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Care Packages For Shelter Pets!

Providing food, vaccinations, bedding, and enrichment needs for dogs is a costly endeavor for animal shelters across the country. Due to the high cost of these basic necessities, shelters often have to limit the number of dogs that they can save and provide homes for. A warm bed and a full belly can go a long way for the well-being of shelter dogs and puppies. Through proper vaccination, animals' risk of disease is cut down or eliminated, leaving shelter volunteers more time to find good homes for these dogs. Animals that are healthy, happy, and well fed stand a much better chance of being adopted.

You can help. Just $1.00 helps provide 20 meals to animals in shelters. Your gift helps keep these pets fed while they wait to find their forever homes!

Give Now!

Castles for Shelter Cats
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