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On 7/18/2014, we mailed 22,132 signatures to Governor Rick Scott and Senate President Don Gaetz. We will continue to campaign for an end to alligator wrestling! Sign below to show your support for an end to alligator wrestling!
Goal: 35,000 Progress: 22,479
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Claiming an activity that harms an animal is 'tradition' is a clever scapegoat in the cruel world of alligator wrestling. In Florida, native Indian tribes have been practicing the sport for centuries; but now, alligator wrestling has become a tourist attraction in the sunshine state.

At these wrestling shows, handlers drag alligators from the water and force them into positions whereby they can become extremely agitated or lose consciousness. Alligators are wild and dangerous animals, and this sport serves nothing more than to satiate the appetites of adrenaline junkies — hardly a reason to allow this unjust cruelty to continue.

Write to Florida Governor Rick Scott and Senate President Don Gaetz asking them to stop overlooking the well-being of Florida's alligators and make alligator wrestling a thing of the past.

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Dear Governor Rick Scott and Senate President Don Gaetz:

Though it began as a Native American tradition, alligator wrestling in the state of Florida has become a deplorable, adrenaline-fueled tourist attraction.

Wrestling matches involve alligators being lured from their habitat and onto land where handlers force them into positions whereby they become extremely agitated and even lose consciousness. Wrestlers utilize different kinds of "holds," all which aim to overpower and incapacitate the animal.

Harming a living creature should never be a form of entertainment. Alligators are a state icon and they deserve to be respected, not injured and taken advantage of as pawns in a tourist attraction. What’s more, protecting Florida’s precious and unique wildlife has always been a priority for the Florida State Legislature. Why are alligators being neglected?

It’s time to end this cruel and inhumane sport. I urge you to extend the same concern for alligators as you do for manatees and sea turtles by outlawing alligator wrestling once and for all.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Aug 1, 2014 Katherine Allan Alligator wrestling is not a sport! It is cruelty to animals. Please don't allow this "amusement" which panders to the worse in humans.
Aug 1, 2014 Tiffany Wills
Aug 1, 2014 Monique Lowther
Jul 31, 2014 Kat Ehret
Jul 31, 2014 Kathleen Hamilton
Jul 31, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 31, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 31, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 31, 2014 Mary Fantaske
Jul 31, 2014 Marcia Burland C'mon, Florida, this is a living creature, not just a source of "entertainment".
Jul 31, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 31, 2014 Carl Morales
Jul 31, 2014 judy coughlin
Jul 31, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 31, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 30, 2014 felisha juska
Jul 30, 2014 Christa Merken
Jul 30, 2014 Jamaka Petzak As an Indigenous/multiethnic person, I oppose any "sport" which exploits and/or abuses any living being, including this one.
Jul 30, 2014 Melissa Mazza
Jul 30, 2014 nina palmieri
Jul 29, 2014 Darcy Grosjean
Jul 29, 2014 shana smith
Jul 29, 2014 Thomas Richards Dear Governor Scott and President Gaetz, The activity called alligator wrestling is cruel and degrading. Shouldn't we try to inculcate positive values of respecting all animal life and not treating them cruelly or unnaturally for entertainment?
Jul 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 28, 2014 Joanna Challacombe
Jul 28, 2014 Linda Meyers
Jul 28, 2014 Darcy Grosjean
Jul 28, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 28, 2014 danielle hamilton
Jul 28, 2014 tracey clausi
Jul 28, 2014 anne ellis
Jul 28, 2014 Laurie Ellis
Jul 28, 2014 martin orleck
Jul 28, 2014 Michelle Gohier
Jul 28, 2014 laura semboli
Jul 27, 2014 Susan Schueller
Jul 27, 2014 Mark Gable This is clearly abuse and it needs to stop!
Jul 27, 2014 Jocelyne FAROUAULT
Jul 27, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 27, 2014 Emily Moreno
Jul 27, 2014 Carolyn Farley
Jul 27, 2014 Lorna Davies
Jul 27, 2014 myriam bois
Jul 27, 2014 Elisabeth Björklund
Jul 26, 2014 Tiffany Rhodes
Jul 26, 2014 Lee Johnson Alligators, as well as Orca whales, and dolphins, just to name a few, were NOT put on this earth to amuse humans. And, we're SUPPOSED to be an intelligent species, go figure
Jul 26, 2014 Ewa Pardo
Jul 26, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 26, 2014 Yvette Meraz

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