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On August 1, 2014, 37,416 signatures were sent to IFAW's CEO. Please continue to sign for this important cause if you haven't already!
Goal: 60,000 Progress: 44,653
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

The Amur leopard is one of the most endangered animals in the world. With only about 20 living today, this majestic animal's future is in grave danger. Human interference, especially relating to habitat loss, is largely to blame for the Amur's endangerment. Commercial logging is the primary culprit.

Poaching is also one of the strongest contributors. Hunters kill both the leopards for the fur as well as the leopards' prey in order to procure compensation for livestock.

It's sad that we've come to a place whereby financial gain is put above the future existence of these precious animals.

Urge the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) — an organization that works to save leopards and other animals around the world — to intervene immediately so as to halt the extinction of the Amur leopard.

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Dear IFAW's President and Chief Executive Officer Azzedine Downes:

IFAW has continuously worked to improve animal treatment throughout the world through several methods of conservation. And that's why I am writing to you today — to bring to your attention the plight of the Amur leopard.

The Amur leopard is at the brink of extinction. There are only 20-30 of these beautiful jungle cats left in the world, and the numbers are decreasing.

Deforestation is quickly depleting the leopard's habitat and poaching continues to threaten this feline. Human interference is all but killing these poor cats off.

I urge you to fight for this animal's future. Your organization could be its only hope.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Mar 27, 2015 Kelly Inviere
Mar 27, 2015 Debbie Aide
Mar 27, 2015 Bailee Dodson
Mar 27, 2015 Lucia Nocentini
Mar 27, 2015 Iris Mueller
Mar 27, 2015 Michelle Hankins
Mar 26, 2015 Melinda Funk
Mar 26, 2015 Mary Ardian Fox Such lovely cats! Don't let the world lose them Please!!!
Mar 26, 2015 SUSAN O'KEEFE
Mar 25, 2015 James Murphy
Mar 25, 2015 Natasha Agosto Garcia
Mar 25, 2015 Rhonda Bradley
Mar 25, 2015 gloria prate
Mar 25, 2015 Lorraine Dumas
Mar 25, 2015 Veronica Spassova
Mar 25, 2015 Miriam Rehbein
Mar 25, 2015 Elizabeth Drayton
Mar 25, 2015 Alexis Beasley
Mar 25, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 24, 2015 Rebecca Myers
Mar 24, 2015 Maxine Lucas
Mar 24, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 23, 2015 Alice Long
Mar 22, 2015 Julie Kiran "Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission -- to be of service to them whenever they require it." -- St. Francis of Assisi.
Mar 22, 2015 Laura Poore
Mar 22, 2015 Marieke van Engeland
Mar 22, 2015 nayana yashwari
Mar 22, 2015 joon jones
Mar 22, 2015 aruna magnus
Mar 22, 2015 Jacqueline de Boer
Mar 22, 2015 Unum sed Leonem
Mar 22, 2015 Art Khachatrian
Mar 22, 2015 marcel truyts
Mar 22, 2015 Valerie Sanderson
Mar 21, 2015 Chin Ling Ko
Mar 21, 2015 Nadine McGough
Mar 21, 2015 Valerie Arseneault
Mar 21, 2015 Nadia herpoel
Mar 21, 2015 Christine Miller Please do all you can to help the Amur Leopard!
Mar 21, 2015 Renae Gilbert
Mar 20, 2015 Melissa Sklena
Mar 20, 2015 Florina-Constanta Capitan
Mar 20, 2015 wilma lagrand
Mar 20, 2015 Chas Long
Mar 20, 2015 Kelly Boulter
Mar 20, 2015 Robert Rush
Mar 20, 2015 Gisela Gama
Mar 20, 2015 Elizabeth Snyder~Baldonado
Mar 20, 2015 Karen Wheeler
Mar 20, 2015 S E Broomhall

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