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A new report by the consumer advocacy group CHOICE reveals just a few of the deceptive practices used to market cosmetics. A broad survey of products found that many corporations employ friendly images and ambiguous language to falsely suggest the product is cruelty-free. Companies tempted by the growing Chinese market (and the promise of profit) must submit samples for animal testing. As the report concludes: "just because they've put a bunny on it, doesn't make it 'cruelty free'."
Goal: 50,000 Progress: 33,575
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Multinational corporations must contend with different and often conflicting sets of standards when it comes to dealing in foreign markets. In many cases, executives face a difficult decision: concede to local laws and regulations or stand by basic principles of animal welfare. When antiquated regulations demand animal testing, companies often capitulate rather than lose access to that market and, consequently, those profits.

As a result, millions of animals are exposed to a series of painful tests each year, often resulting in death. In this time of technology and innovation, there are several compelling alternatives to animal testing, such as 3-D human skin, computer models, and test tube cell tests.

Urge major cosmetic companies to adopt non-animal testing and pledge to buy only cruelty-free products!

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Dr. Herbert Fisk Johnson III, Chairman & CEO of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
Mr. Robert A. McDonald, Chairman, President & CEO of Procter & Gamble
Mr. Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson

As corporations with a global reach, you are preeminently positioned to affect positive change throughout the world. By choosing to continue using animal testing methods, however, you choose to perpetuate a cruel and unnecessary practice.

The reality is animal testing methods are obsolete. There are many different ways to conduct chemical tests that don’t harm living beings, like the use of 3D human skin or test tube cells. These modern alternatives are more reliable and less costly.

Put simply, there is no reason for you to continue to harm and kill innocent animals. Many corporations have adopted cruelty-free testing procedures and I urge you to do the same. Until you do, I will not buy any of your products.

Petition Signatures

Sep 5, 2015 Cheryl Palmer Since I found out about the horrific animal testing for cosmetics, I stopped buying the popular products. I looked for "Leaping Bunny" and as of the past couple of years or so have just stopped using makeup completely. Please stop this cruel practice!!
Sep 5, 2015 rémy cacheux
Sep 4, 2015 jolanda Brulez
Sep 4, 2015 Anna Obara-Gola
Sep 4, 2015 Maria Walker
Sep 4, 2015 charles torres
Sep 4, 2015 billy smith
Sep 4, 2015 Laura Lichtblau
Sep 3, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Sep 3, 2015 Donna Reynolds I stopped wearing make up about 5 years ago when I first found out this was still happening! Needs to STOP NOW!!
Sep 2, 2015 Julia Sapoznikova
Sep 2, 2015 Scott Parrish
Sep 2, 2015 Christa Vollmer
Sep 2, 2015 Tracey Archer Heed the will and Love of the people! Stop testing on animals now!
Sep 2, 2015 Sam Riley
Sep 2, 2015 Roxanne Gray Please stop these cruel practices immediately!!
Sep 2, 2015 Brooke Benedict You have great products. I would love to be able to use them again. Fortunately for me and the animals, there are plenty of REAL cruelty-free options that are amazing. Please stop torturing is cruel and unnecessary. China can change!
Sep 2, 2015 sylvie béclard
Sep 2, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Sep 2, 2015 Charles Pan
Sep 1, 2015 Alexandra D. Pappano
Sep 1, 2015 Kris Walsh
Sep 1, 2015 tina sackman
Sep 1, 2015 Judith Sheppard
Aug 31, 2015 kimesa stafford The US is the last country to test anything on animals. I always look for the the cruelty free bunny on products, and therein lies my decision to be a customer or not. There is an app for that also.. which I have shared with as many as I can.
Aug 31, 2015 Melisa Benitez
Aug 31, 2015 Daniele Pitzalis
Aug 30, 2015 Tina Coover
Aug 30, 2015 Roxanne Asel
Aug 30, 2015 dallas hopkins
Aug 30, 2015 Audrey David
Aug 30, 2015 alice davis
Aug 29, 2015 Monika Omasta
Aug 29, 2015 Chris Leverich
Aug 29, 2015 (Name not displayed) I believe that all forms of testing should NOT be done on any animal, but rather use the people, like Charles Manson, who are on death row. That way the criminals are contributing to better health care and the products we use.
Aug 28, 2015 Sue Hall Use prisoners instead of innocent animals
Aug 28, 2015 Judy Spaulding
Aug 28, 2015 anna austin there are alternate routes to use leave the innocent animals alone,I support animal rights.
Aug 28, 2015 Barbara Washburn Please make the animal testing stop. It is cruel and uncalled for.
Aug 28, 2015 John Petteford
Aug 28, 2015 Sofia Yeskin
Aug 28, 2015 Shirley Jeboult
Aug 28, 2015 Rose Thompson
Aug 28, 2015 Janine Schwartz
Aug 28, 2015 Cathy Wood
Aug 27, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 27, 2015 kayla martinolich
Aug 27, 2015 marilia martins I dont buy produts tested on animals
Aug 27, 2015 novac lopes

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