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7/23/2012: 21,081 signatures sent to Governor Jerry Brown. Please continue to sign for this important cause if you haven't already!
Goal: 80,000 Progress: 83,107
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

There are too many animals that don't have proper homes, in addition to sick and abused animals that, without human intervention, wouldn't stand a chance in the wild. Sometimes, a shelter is an animal's last chance for survival. So when an animal is brought to a shelter, its time there shouldn't be limited by the law.

But California Governor Jerry Brown is trying to pass an initiative that would further limit an animal's time at a shelter from four to six days to just 72 hours. After that period the state would no longer cover costs for the animal's care. In addition, the proposal says there would be no required holding period for pets like turtles or guinea pigs; they could be killed immediately.

This means that many more otherwise healthy and adoptable animals would be euthanized each year — simply to save the state some money.

Ask Governor Brown: when are we going to stop making our animals pay for our debts?

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Dear Governor Jerry Brown,

As a dedicated animal advocate, I am deeply concerned about animal welfare in California. Your recent budget-saving proposal to limit shelter stays to 72 hours is troubling.

If passed, this initiative will be responsible for a huge spike in shelter animal euthanasia per year. As it is now, animals must be kept in a shelter four to six days before they are eligible for euthanasia. It's already too short, but three days is undoubtedly not enough time for an animal to be adopted. So, otherwise healthy and adoptable animals will be killed.

We cannot continue to allow our animals to pay for our own debts. You must find another way to save money in California.


Petition Signatures

Apr 20, 2014 игорь козлов
Apr 20, 2014 Mie Otani
Apr 20, 2014 Patricia Maynard
Apr 19, 2014 Wayne Langley
Apr 17, 2014 Kristy Elam Lindberg
Apr 17, 2014 Julie Wines
Apr 17, 2014 veronika herrmann oh yes
Apr 17, 2014 Mika Rowan
Apr 17, 2014 Christie Piersol
Apr 17, 2014 Maureen Jenkins
Apr 17, 2014 Evelyn Colbert When it comes to euthanasia the killing of healthy animals is murder !!!! All of Gods creatures deserve a chance to live .
Apr 16, 2014 Christine Oakley
Apr 16, 2014 Karin Bennett
Apr 16, 2014 Neeta Raniga
Apr 16, 2014 Kathryn LeMosy
Apr 16, 2014 Chris Miller
Apr 16, 2014 Karen Majkich
Apr 16, 2014 Heather Alexander
Apr 16, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2014 Theresa Redlinger People who show no compassion for life are vial human beings. This just makes me sick and it must be stopped as their time in the shelters are short enough as it is.
Apr 16, 2014 Matthias Haess
Apr 16, 2014 Ola Almazova
Apr 15, 2014 Jennifer Grandioso All animals deserve a chance a life, a chance to be safe and feel loved!! all animals deserve a forever home!!
Apr 15, 2014 Sergio Fernandes
Apr 14, 2014 (Name not displayed) Governor Brown: Three Days - BAD, very INHUMANE - This state needs a lot of Recovery, annihilating Helpless Animals is NOT the answer!
Apr 14, 2014 Svetlana Demireva
Apr 14, 2014 Julie Akin A rescue animal is the only way we adopt animals. Our little Chihuahua that we rescued last year is pure joy. We have rescued many dogs and they are always great.
Apr 14, 2014 c lc ʚïɞ ¡¡¡ No podemos exigir q ames a los animales pero si q los respetes ... Amooo ;-) Guauuu !!! ʚïɞ
Apr 14, 2014 Jodi Roth
Apr 14, 2014 nina espiritu
Apr 13, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Apr 13, 2014 Robert Downing
Apr 13, 2014 shirley riedhammer
Apr 13, 2014 Susan Gaida
Apr 12, 2014 Kerry Avenell
Apr 12, 2014 Karen Motley
Apr 12, 2014 Auraelia Emery
Apr 12, 2014 Stana Smith
Apr 12, 2014 Carmen Williams
Apr 12, 2014 Ashley Bartley
Apr 11, 2014 eileen bosch
Apr 11, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Apr 11, 2014 Melissa Bostic
Apr 11, 2014 Heather Morava
Apr 11, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Apr 11, 2014 sally reagan
Apr 11, 2014 Salwah Koriya
Apr 10, 2014 CINDY SNYDER Please help the animals to find homes by not limiting their stay to 72 hrs. Devise methods to increase adoptions in your state. Look into your heart and show compassion to those who need your help, those who cannot help themselves.
Apr 9, 2014 Lupe Lepe
Apr 9, 2014 Maureen Paulson

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