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On October 16, 2013 Member of Parliament, Libby Davies (NDP, Vancouver-East), introduced Bill C-296. If passed this bill would ban the import and sale of dog and cat fur, and would make labeling fur products mandatory.
Goal: 175,000 Progress: 127,081
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

In some parts of the world, cats and dogs are raised and brutally skinned for their beautiful fur. The Canadian Government is afraid that a ban on these furs would endanger international sales of Canadian products made of baby seal skins. So it allows imported clothing made of dog and cat fur, and does not even require the fur to be labeled.

Nobody wants fashion at the price of pets’ lives. Tell Canada’s Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister to ban imported dog and cat furs. Sign & tell a friend today!

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Dear The Right Honourable Stephen Harper and The Honourable Gerry Ritz:

You should be ashamed of Canada's lax standards for imported products! Please listen to both Canadian and worldwide opinion and ban the importation and sale of products containing dog and cat fur, similar to the actions already taken by the European Union and the United States.

Selling garments made from the skins of dogs and cats goes against the wishes of almost all Canadian citizens, yet in an internal memo your government opposed the ban because it weakens Canadian efforts to promote the sale of seal skins to other countries. Because Canadian law does not require the content of fur garments to be disclosed on the label, Canadian consumers have no way of knowing when they are purchasing products made from the skins of cats and dogs.

Allowing Canadian consumers to unknowingly purchase imported products made from cat and dog fur in defense of the sealing industry is unconscionable and horrifying.

Please immediately reverse Canadian government policy and ban the importation and sale of all garments made with dog and cat fur.


Petition Signatures

Feb 28, 2015 Roy Krymis
Feb 28, 2015 Diane Krikorian
Feb 28, 2015 Michelle Parris
Feb 28, 2015 Barbara Gallager
Feb 28, 2015 Barbara Clarke
Feb 28, 2015 Anna Pagliuca This id WRONG!! STOP this NOW!!
Feb 28, 2015 Francis Laplante We'd be crazy not to. Can't ignore the videos you see regarding Asian fur trades. Just wrong and needs to stop.
Feb 28, 2015 Betsy Farmer
Feb 28, 2015 Stephen Lum
Feb 28, 2015 Stephanie Carriere
Feb 28, 2015 Robert Johnson
Feb 28, 2015 van oudenhove madeleine
Feb 28, 2015 Dolores Cohenour
Feb 28, 2015 Karen Brooks
Feb 28, 2015 Donna Joles This is deplorable! It needs to stop!
Feb 28, 2015 Robin Hunt This is disgusting. ANY animal cruelty of any kind is disgusting and cowardly. You know you can do the right thing and do it now.
Feb 28, 2015 Rosemary Caswell Please help put a stop of unconscionable and horrifying practices.
Feb 28, 2015 kari robertson if people realized that pet animals and such were being skinned alive for their fur then millions of people would demand this law be changed to ban it!
Feb 28, 2015 susan Saraceno
Feb 28, 2015 Michelle Cardinal
Feb 28, 2015 Doreen Parsons
Feb 28, 2015 Sandy Trommet
Feb 28, 2015 Deborah Touchette
Feb 28, 2015 Kristina Trigatti
Feb 28, 2015 celine dussault Also ban the leather from China since it is more likely to be dog's skin. Example : gloves.
Feb 28, 2015 Linda Squire
Feb 28, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 28, 2015 Stephanie Dominguez
Feb 28, 2015 Irene Hindmarsh Stop now!
Feb 28, 2015 Brenda Parnell This inhumane and cruel practice needs to stop!
Feb 28, 2015 babs Nunn Dear Steven Harper, PLEASE stop the import of items made from the skins of cats & dogs.
Feb 28, 2015 kim velez
Feb 28, 2015 mariel saren
Feb 28, 2015 S Dimitrakopoulos
Feb 28, 2015 Patrick Wright
Feb 28, 2015 Brenda Warriner
Feb 28, 2015 Corrie Beltrame
Feb 28, 2015 Michael Ramirez
Feb 28, 2015 Brigitte St Jean This is so cruel to dogs, cats seal. Please stop doing this.
Feb 28, 2015 Sharon Fradkin
Feb 28, 2015 Kelly Ross
Feb 28, 2015 (Name not displayed) This is not a Country that should condone this type of awful and barbaric customs. Sickening
Feb 28, 2015 dewi indahwati
Feb 28, 2015 Mary Thomas
Feb 28, 2015 irene lenarczyk
Feb 28, 2015 Lexi Preisser
Feb 28, 2015 Deborah Mulligan
Feb 28, 2015 Elena Alfaya
Feb 28, 2015 Dawn Mason This must be stopped!!
Feb 28, 2015 frans reijden

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