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On October 16, 2013 Member of Parliament, Libby Davies (NDP, Vancouver-East), introduced Bill C-296. If passed this bill would ban the import and sale of dog and cat fur, and would make labeling fur products mandatory.
Goal: 175,000 Progress: 128,300
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

In some parts of the world, cats and dogs are raised and brutally skinned for their beautiful fur. The Canadian Government is afraid that a ban on these furs would endanger international sales of Canadian products made of baby seal skins. So it allows imported clothing made of dog and cat fur, and does not even require the fur to be labeled.

Nobody wants fashion at the price of pets’ lives. Tell Canada’s Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister to ban imported dog and cat furs. Sign & tell a friend today!

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Dear The Right Honourable Stephen Harper and The Honourable Gerry Ritz:

You should be ashamed of Canada's lax standards for imported products! Please listen to both Canadian and worldwide opinion and ban the importation and sale of products containing dog and cat fur, similar to the actions already taken by the European Union and the United States.

Selling garments made from the skins of dogs and cats goes against the wishes of almost all Canadian citizens, yet in an internal memo your government opposed the ban because it weakens Canadian efforts to promote the sale of seal skins to other countries. Because Canadian law does not require the content of fur garments to be disclosed on the label, Canadian consumers have no way of knowing when they are purchasing products made from the skins of cats and dogs.

Allowing Canadian consumers to unknowingly purchase imported products made from cat and dog fur in defense of the sealing industry is unconscionable and horrifying.

Please immediately reverse Canadian government policy and ban the importation and sale of all garments made with dog and cat fur.


Petition Signatures

Apr 26, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 26, 2015 Denise Schulz these cats and dogs are not a form of fur or leather products. I've seen videos of what these animals go thru and its not pretty. And China skins them alive. This needs to stop now.
Apr 26, 2015 Annamarie Noorbergen
Apr 25, 2015 Michelle Quenneville
Apr 25, 2015 Paul Vanderaa
Apr 25, 2015 Teresa Gallagher
Apr 25, 2015 courtney robins
Apr 25, 2015 julie boddington
Apr 24, 2015 Regan Rostain
Apr 24, 2015 Kathie Boley
Apr 24, 2015 Liz Suarez
Apr 24, 2015 Kokkinidis Daisy Only barbarians would wear man's gentle and innocent companions dead round their necks.. SHAME!
Apr 24, 2015 Deborah Crandall
Apr 24, 2015 Margaret Woodall You should not be selling baby seal fur and should definitely not be encouraging the killing of cats and dogs, a disgrace to Canada
Apr 24, 2015 Carmen Stigen This is terribly wrong!
Apr 24, 2015 Gabriela Duarte
Apr 24, 2015 Mildred garcia
Apr 24, 2015 Sallie ONeill
Apr 24, 2015 Terri Askew
Apr 24, 2015 Tiffany Turner
Apr 24, 2015 Rhonda Banks
Apr 24, 2015 Nicholette Ronga
Apr 24, 2015 Jean McCarthy
Apr 24, 2015 Ionel CALIN
Apr 24, 2015 Janice Long
Apr 24, 2015 Paul Sorensen
Apr 24, 2015 Sharon Kennedy
Apr 24, 2015 Taylor Jace REPUGNANT!
Apr 24, 2015 Wendy Vollmer
Apr 24, 2015 gina Kersten
Apr 24, 2015 Margaret Horrocks
Apr 24, 2015 Lesley Thomas
Apr 24, 2015 sveta shelekhova
Apr 24, 2015 gary shields
Apr 24, 2015 Tracy Zastrow
Apr 24, 2015 michael cetta
Apr 24, 2015 Susan Arkin
Apr 24, 2015 Eva Ferret Mehlum I cannot accept any abuse of any animals!! Fur is NOT for us to use!
Apr 24, 2015 Penelope Morris
Apr 24, 2015 Sandra Costa
Apr 23, 2015 denise ortiz
Apr 23, 2015 Cheryl Boyce
Apr 23, 2015 Iris Mueller
Apr 23, 2015 Jan Phillips
Apr 23, 2015 Kate Hill Barbaric and disgusting trade
Apr 23, 2015 Anna Berglund
Apr 21, 2015 Laurrette Lavallee
Apr 21, 2015 Lanny Toy
Apr 21, 2015 sherri wittrock

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