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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 29,380
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Sure, they're beautiful animals and a sight to be seen. But New York City's carriage horses don't live the plush and lavish lifestyles their appearances might suggest. Rather, carriage horses spend their lives on rough city streets pulling heavy loads among cars and other vehicles. They are constantly working, unable to enjoy open pastures and graze in nature.

Something is wrong with this picture. Horses don't belong in cities acting as taxi cabs and entertainment for humans. They are large, movement-oriented animals who need the freedom of fields and pastures to graze, run, and play.

The carriage industry is outdated and causing unnecessary harm to these beautiful creatures. Sign the petition asking New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to stand up for the safety and health of horses and outlaw the horse carriage industry.

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Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

I am quite honestly appalled that the horse carriage industry has been allowed to continue as long as it has. With all of the evidence that shows the physical damage horses sustain during careers as carriage horses, it's puzzling why the practice hasn't been outlawed altogether.

You can't possibly think that forcing a horse to haul heavy carriages for hours upon hours, seven days a week, is healthy. You can't possibly concede that not allowing the horses to graze free in pastures with other horses promotes well being. And you can't possibly be under the impression that inhaling toxic fumes from standing among vehicles all day is beneficial to the horses.

If you're aware of these implications, why do you continue to allow these horses to be treated like slaves? Please see to it that the horses of New York City are rescued and cared for in the ways they are meant to be treated. Do your part for the horses and outlaw the carriage industry once and for all.

Petition Signatures

Aug 14, 2018 Christy Starbuck
Aug 13, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 13, 2018 Colette Winslow
Aug 13, 2018 Rebecca Hughes
Aug 13, 2018 kelly white
Aug 13, 2018 Larry Carradine
Aug 13, 2018 N.Z. Gershwin
Aug 13, 2018 janna murphy
Aug 13, 2018 susan beattie
Aug 13, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 13, 2018 Angela Abbassi SAVE the horses; MAKE THEIR BIG & LAZY ASSES WALK!!!
Aug 13, 2018 Penny Duke
Aug 13, 2018 Claudia LaRocca
Aug 12, 2018 Sandy Norris
Aug 10, 2018 natasha damien
Aug 8, 2018 Michael Crowden
Aug 6, 2018 Carla Miranda
Aug 5, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 4, 2018 Rama Bharadwaj
Aug 3, 2018 Joan McCloud
Aug 1, 2018 Janice Powers
Aug 1, 2018 Patrizia Cordoni
Jul 31, 2018 Deborah Kerns
Jul 31, 2018 Catherine King-Chuparkoff
Jul 31, 2018 Camille Clarke
Jul 31, 2018 Cheryl Celentano ONCE AGAIN this is soooo INHUMANE the way these beautiful GENTLE creatures on our earth are being treated! ALL FOR THE MONEY!! ALL animals have feelings and PAIN just like humans...Put an END to this NOW PLEEASE!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 30, 2018 irene miller
Jul 30, 2018 Pam Freilich
Jul 30, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 28, 2018 Kimberly Flores
Jul 28, 2018 Cherie Chantal
Jul 24, 2018 jmeterFirstName jmeterLastName jmeterComment
Jul 23, 2018 Anna Szmidt
Jul 23, 2018 Corinne WOITIEZ
Jul 22, 2018 Kirsten Deveraux
Jul 22, 2018 Alana Kaplan
Jul 22, 2018 Kirsten Van Heurck
Jul 22, 2018 Sarah Von Beanz
Jul 22, 2018 Karen Scarlet
Jul 22, 2018 Kristel Van Heurck
Jul 21, 2018 Stephanie Appleton
Jul 21, 2018 Robin Lupp
Jul 20, 2018 karen reedy
Jul 19, 2018 Candace Zachary
Jul 19, 2018 Annie Krochmalny
Jul 19, 2018 Vickie Janetos
Jul 19, 2018 Summer Patterson
Jul 18, 2018 Terri Raimondo
Jul 17, 2018 Candice C
Jul 17, 2018 Maria L Hernandez

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