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Declawing cats is sadly a very common occurrence in the United States. According to the Humane Society for the United States, the practice is banned in Europe, Australia, Japan, and 21 other countries. Despite the international consensus against it, American cats are subjected to this barbaric act.

The process of declawing involves amputating the final knuckle joint in a cat's paws. It is NOT a simple nail clipping. The procedure not only mutilates the cat's paws, but can also lead to many complications. The American Association of Feline Practitioners has pointed out for years that cats can experience arthritis, long-term pain, lack of balance, and behavioral changes due to declawing. It also removes a cat's main means of defense in the wild. Declawing is only for a human's comfort and convenience. It never benefits the animal.

This brutal and unnecessary procedure needs to end in the United States as it has in the rest of the world. Tell the American Veterinary Medical Association to make the refusal to perform onychectomies part of its membership criterion!

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To Joseph Kinnarney, DVM, AVMA President,

I am writing to you in an effort to protect the millions of cats across the country from a horrific procedure that is banned in almost every other country in the world. Declawing is an outdated and unnecessary procedure that is strictly for human convenience.

As the leader of the AVMA, you are in the unique position of being able to effect nationwide changes in the veterinary community. The United States has fallen behind dozens of other countries that have outlawed declawing cats due to the harmful and unnecessary nature of onychectomies. We believe that the U.S. should be a leader in the humane treatment of animals, and you can help us in that goal.

A strong message from the AVMA taking a stand against declawing would effect wide-ranging change with veterinary practices across the country, and beyond. Help us stand up in defense of our furry friends by requiring members to refuse to perform onychectomies!

Petition Signatures

May 26, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 26, 2018 Mark Osborn
May 26, 2018 Eva-Maria Besold
May 26, 2018 Elaine Mair
May 26, 2018 Frida Casellati
May 26, 2018 Pinelopi Demetriadou
May 26, 2018 Peter Skirenko
May 26, 2018 Anne-Marie Hewitt
May 26, 2018 Jenn Duval It's called animal abuse or animal MURDER !
May 26, 2018 Yvonne Lopes
May 26, 2018 Catherine Rogan
May 26, 2018 Kathy Jones
May 26, 2018 Antonia Moretti quit mutilating poor helpless cats !!!!!
May 26, 2018 Laila Kankaansivu
May 26, 2018 Nicole Puckett We should or be a country that still uses barbaric practices. For a new country we are behind even Europe and should be ashamed. Let’s not mutilate any of Gods perfect creations!
May 26, 2018 Maggie Shipton
May 26, 2018 Marie-Anne Wannenberg Dear Sir Please protect our cats, do not allow them to be declawed. Imagine having our nails removed permanently & what pain we would experience, so would they. Please do not allow this to happen. They need to defend themselves when they are attacked.
May 26, 2018 Lotta Lindsjö
May 26, 2018 Rebecca Thrippleton Absolutely barbaric. This needs to stop now.
May 26, 2018 Vanessa Merifield
May 26, 2018 лена лена
May 26, 2018 stephan janssen Would you DE_NAIL a human?!
May 26, 2018 Jackee Van Akin
May 26, 2018 Amy Harlib
May 26, 2018 Heidi Becker-Elpert
May 26, 2018 Deirdre Sandquist
May 26, 2018 Janetj Pickard Declawing isn't natural and leaves pain.
May 26, 2018 Martine Tramson
May 26, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 25, 2018 Heidi Fischer
May 25, 2018 Jolanda Jager
May 25, 2018 Cathy Silvas
May 25, 2018 Alberto Paquola
May 25, 2018 Gordana Milic
May 25, 2018 Jeanine Smegal
May 25, 2018 Joan Squires
May 25, 2018 yumiko horie
May 25, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 25, 2018 Ilona Zelissen
May 25, 2018 Tomoyo Tamatani
May 25, 2018 Lisa Milson
May 25, 2018 Jessie Osborne
May 25, 2018 John Milson
May 25, 2018 Sherry Holsomback
May 25, 2018 Sathish Kumar
May 25, 2018 Andre Meaux
May 25, 2018 Monica Crab
May 25, 2018 Heather Farr

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