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Goal: 50,000 Progress: 43,679
Sponsored by: Defenders of Wildlife

Both UPS and DHL have ceased shipments of shark fins — a major victory in the protection of these animals, some of which are critically endangered.

Shark finning is a brutal practice — with their fins hacked off and their bodies thrown back into the water, these sharks can no longer swim and are left to die from shock, blood loss, starvation or predation by other fish.

Please join us in calling on FedEx to follow the example set by UPS and DHL and ban the shipment of shark fins!

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Dear Mr. Frederick W. Smith, CEO FedEx,

As an advocate for Defenders of Wildlife and someone who cares deeply about the conservation of marine wildlife, particularly sharks, I am writing to urge your company, FedEx, to stop shipping shark fins both internationally and within the United States. Twenty-five percent of shark species are currently listed as endangered, threatened, or near threatened by extinction. With an estimated 73 million sharks killed for their fins each year, it is imperative that the international shipping industry ensure that it is not inadvertently facilitating the shipment of illegal shark fins from CITES-listed species.

Recently, both UPS and DHL announced that they will no longer ship shark fins. I strongly request that FedEx follow the example set by these other shipping companies and join them in taking an enormous stride for shark conservation worldwide.

Please stop shipping shark fins and help conserve shark species around the world! It is long overdue for this brutal practice of shark fining to end.

Thank you for your consideration,

Petition Signatures

Nov 17, 2017 Nancy Young
Nov 17, 2017 Kym Henry
Nov 17, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 17, 2017 Hilary Dowson
Nov 16, 2017 Elena Cretella THERE A PRECIOUS LIFE
Nov 16, 2017 наталья чернева
Nov 16, 2017 Raleigh koritz
Nov 16, 2017 Margaret Griffith
Nov 16, 2017 Iris Vallier Stop shipping shark fins to help preserve our sharks
Nov 16, 2017 Stacy Anderson
Nov 16, 2017 Fredda Hess
Nov 16, 2017 Pam Hobbs
Nov 16, 2017 Harold Bailey
Nov 16, 2017 Cym Marzan
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 Ranae Bauserman
Nov 16, 2017 Juana Gallo
Nov 16, 2017 Barry Derr
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed) Put a stop to this brutal practice of shark fining .
Nov 16, 2017 jane tomaselli
Nov 16, 2017 Tracy Kalesnik
Nov 16, 2017 Valerie Robbins
Nov 16, 2017 Cynthia Lang
Nov 16, 2017 Amery Batchelor
Nov 16, 2017 Lisa Whitaker
Nov 16, 2017 Desiree Harpe
Nov 16, 2017 Sarah Olson
Nov 16, 2017 Carol Molnar
Nov 16, 2017 arlette conrad
Nov 16, 2017 Taraneh M
Nov 16, 2017 Taraneh M
Nov 16, 2017 Rick Hodorowich
Nov 16, 2017 stacy ortiz Please stop what another horrible cruel act by man disgusting.
Nov 16, 2017 Catherine Livingston
Nov 16, 2017 Tori Mulvaney
Nov 16, 2017 Stephanie Kerr
Nov 16, 2017 Terri Cook
Nov 16, 2017 Diana Horne
Nov 16, 2017 Rita Garvey
Nov 16, 2017 Daniel Garvey
Nov 16, 2017 Michelle Setaro
Nov 16, 2017 Jaye Campana
Nov 16, 2017 lynn Brown Leave these animals alone.
Nov 16, 2017 Melissa Shaw
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 jan matonovich
Nov 16, 2017 Samantha Beachy
Nov 16, 2017 Leslie Ausrin
Nov 16, 2017 Rosemary Kane

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