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Recently, the Pennsylvania legislature failed to pass a law that would ban the raising and slaughtering of cats and dogs for meat. Comedian Stephen Colbert helped bring national attention to it, and now it's time to end it!
Goal: 60,000 Progress: 52,214
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

The butchering of dogs for meat is not a problem solely found overseas. In the United States, 44 states allow dogs to be raised and sold for meat, with only Virginia, California, Hawaii, New York, Georgia, and Michigan having laws that prevent such practices, classifying the consumption of dog meat as animal cruelty. Recently, the Pennsylvania legislature failed to pass a law that would ban the raising and slaughtering of cats and dogs for meat.

Due to unclear and porous state laws, it is legal to sell and consume dog and cat meat, and also legal to raise them for that purpose. According to the Humane Society, puppy mills are raising dogs that are sold to butchers around the country as a delicacy. These dogs are raised under horrific conditions. The barbaric and cruel practice of eating household pets is denounced around the world, yet it still happens in our backyard.

This practice cannot continue! The federal government needs to step in and ban the practice of eating dog and cat meat and the slaughter of these innocent animals for consumption. Urge the FDA to put a stop to this practice by recognizing the raising and consumption of household pets as animal cruelty!

Tell the FDA stop the slaughter of these innocent animals!

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To the FDA Commissioner,

I am outraged that the slaughter of domestic animals such as dogs and cats for the meat trade is legal in nearly every state.

According to the Humane Society, the dogs and cats bred for consumption are often raised under horrific conditions in puppy mills. They are then sent to butchers to be slaughtered and sold to consumers. With no oversight from the USDA, the meat can often pose a health risk to the public as well. The majority of the Western world has outlawed the sale and consumption of dog meat, yet this barbaric practice is still very much alive in the United States.

Dog meat is being marketed as a delicacy in butcher shops and restaurants around the country, but you can help to protect our pets by ending this cruel, disgusting practice.

Help us protect pets from becoming food! Please recognize this terrible practice as the animal cruelty it is and ban the slaughter, sale, and consumption of cat and dog meat in the United States.


Petition Signatures

Jun 20, 2018 Linda McCormack
Jun 20, 2018 Sally Wynn
Jun 20, 2018 Heather Yargus
Jun 20, 2018 Tina Watkins
Jun 20, 2018 Wendy Lukowitz
Jun 20, 2018 Denise Inkel
Jun 20, 2018 Ros Joseph
Jun 20, 2018 Gloria SCIANDRA
Jun 19, 2018 Marilyn Williams Please stop all of this cruelty. Why can't we all lid a compassionate life?
Jun 19, 2018 ISABEL SOBRAL
Jun 19, 2018 Wendy Gaston
Jun 19, 2018 Elena Sorokina
Jun 19, 2018 Amy Pfaffman
Jun 19, 2018 Bonnie Svec
Jun 19, 2018 Stephanie Domian
Jun 19, 2018 Jack Martin
Jun 19, 2018 Donna Ennis
Jun 19, 2018 Michael Sackar
Jun 18, 2018 Tamara Bacon
Jun 17, 2018 Renee Erdman
Jun 17, 2018 Anne Anderson Please stop this cruel practice!!!!!
Jun 17, 2018 Petra Stadtmueller
Jun 16, 2018 Bridget Hopper
Jun 16, 2018 André Kellerman And you call yourselves First World?
Jun 16, 2018 Gina Fendeu
Jun 16, 2018 Bertha Nichols
Jun 16, 2018 Tama Chan stop the inhumane killing and torturing of dogs for consumption
Jun 16, 2018 Karen Atkinson
Jun 16, 2018 Gregg Garrison
Jun 16, 2018 Jean Connor
Jun 14, 2018 Karen Levine Members of Congress: If you want to KEEP your jobs, you had better start DOING your jobs. November is coming, and we ARE paying attention. Signed, a VOTER with lots of VOTING friends.
Jun 14, 2018 Elizabeth Andrade
Jun 12, 2018 Dean LaPorte
Jun 12, 2018 Angie Hyde
Jun 12, 2018 (Name not displayed) To members of Congress: If you want to KEEP your jobs, you had better start DOING your jobs. This political bullsh*t will not stand. November is coming, and we are paying attention. Signed, A Voter.
Jun 10, 2018 JULIE ROBERTS
Jun 10, 2018 Janet Weltzin
Jun 10, 2018 Sophie Avoustin
Jun 10, 2018 Aleksandr Kolesnikov
Jun 10, 2018 Jill Tew
Jun 10, 2018 Michelle Perkins
Jun 10, 2018 Terri Douthat Please stop dog and cat meat trade. Dogs and cats are wonderful pets and friend. Please save them.
Jun 9, 2018 Melissa Lopez
Jun 9, 2018 Melissa Koslik
Jun 9, 2018 Sheila Kell Stop this it’s pure evil. They are pets no matter what county your in.
Jun 9, 2018 Sophia Mendoza
Jun 9, 2018 Sheri Rodriguez It’s time we ban all animal cruelty. Even at shelters
Jun 9, 2018 Michele Mcdonald
Jun 9, 2018 Pat Fay
Jun 9, 2018 Donald Williams Stop the senseless slaughter of cats and dogs. They are innocent--people that don't spay/neuter their pets are not.

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