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Goal: 50,000 Progress: 28,452
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Every year when the mercury rises, canine companions are at risk for heatstroke or death when their guardians make the mistake of leaving them in a parked car. Animals can sustain brain damage or even die in as little as fifteen minutes. Staying cool is extra tough for dogs because they can only reduce their internal temperature by panting and sweating through their paw pads.

Parked cars are fast-acting deathtraps for dogs: On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 and 120 degrees mere minutes, and on a 90-degree day, the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

Most animal lovers are aware of these swift and potentially fatal consequences, but ignorance, neglect, or poor judgement calls still occur, even among trained professionals. Just last summer, a Labrador retriever named Harley, who worked as part of an Iowa K-9 unit, died after he was left alone in a patrol car. The choice to leave an animal behind—even momentarily while running into the supermarket—is an all-too-often fatal decision.

Our best hope for eliminating this tragic trend is to increase awareness, pledge to spread the knowledge, and to act if we see any animal left alone in an unattended vehicle. Please sign the pledge today and help keep our beloved pups cool and safe.

Sign Here

By signing this pledge and following the principles listed here, I am committed to raising awareness about pet safety in the summertime and take action when I see a pet in a potentially fatal position:

  • I will share this petition with friends and family via social media to help perpetuate the knowledge that even a few moments in a hot car is extremely dangerous for dogs. Cracking the window is not sufficient ventilation.
  • If I see a dog left alone in a hot car this summer, I will take down the car's color, model, make, and license plate number and make every effort to contact the owner (grocery store owners will often gladly page customers to alert pet owners that their pups are in danger). If I am unable to locate the owner, I will call local humane authorities and stay with the animal until the situation is resolved.
  • Keep our canine kids cool!

Petition Signatures

Nov 22, 2014 Jennifer King
Nov 22, 2014 Kimberly Cochrane
Nov 22, 2014 Barbara Dunham KEEP PETS OUT OF HOT CARS. MAKE IT A CRIME!!
Nov 22, 2014 Maribel Ortega
Nov 22, 2014 Olivia Petty
Nov 22, 2014 Florencia Ferrero Motta
Nov 22, 2014 Jim Faulks
Nov 22, 2014 laura ornella
Nov 21, 2014 Valery Allison
Nov 21, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 21, 2014 ann verleysen
Nov 21, 2014 Denyse Mihalopoulos
Nov 21, 2014 Dorothy Rossi
Nov 21, 2014 joanne lockhart
Nov 21, 2014 Karen Krieger Horrible way for an anmal or a child to die, it happens far too frequently.
Nov 21, 2014 emilie schaumburg
Nov 21, 2014 jigyasa bhatnagar
Nov 21, 2014 Igor Kozlov
Nov 21, 2014 Marjo Jongstra
Nov 20, 2014 andrea henry
Nov 20, 2014 Denise Mineart
Nov 20, 2014 Bobbie Jimenez
Nov 20, 2014 Katie Marbley Let's use common sense. If you wouldn't sit in a hot car why would you leave a dog or any living being in one to suffer.
Nov 20, 2014 Piero Masarati
Nov 19, 2014 sandra sheehy
Nov 19, 2014 Michelle Blank
Nov 19, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 19, 2014 Anna Tolmacheva
Nov 19, 2014 Darlene Angelozzi Please save animals period from heat and harm.
Nov 19, 2014 Carol Ignaczak
Nov 19, 2014 Carla Winger
Nov 18, 2014 Janice Loftus The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. We are all animals, why would it be acceptable to neglect and mistreat any animal? Would you do this to an infant or young human animal?
Nov 18, 2014 deanna pribish
Nov 18, 2014 Samir Kraus
Nov 18, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 17, 2014 Mary James
Nov 17, 2014 Eve Miya
Nov 17, 2014 Pauline Köhler
Nov 17, 2014 Tilian Sonestedt
Nov 16, 2014 marina derrico
Nov 16, 2014 Laura bell
Nov 16, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2014 Heather Blakley
Nov 16, 2014 Olga Cotto
Nov 16, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2014 Amy Barnett
Nov 15, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 15, 2014 Joyce Salvadori
Nov 15, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 14, 2014 laurel watson

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