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The dog meat trade in Vietnam is horrific, illegal, and inhumane - and must be stopped.

Dogs are stolen from loving families and off the streets in Thailand. These poor dogs are then thrown into overcrowded crates, which are stacked and illegally transported by truck and by boat into other countries; particularly Vietnam, where dog meat has become a sought-after delicacy.

Poor treatment, dehydration, and starvation lead to rampant injury, disease, and death among the dogs during transport. Rabies, cholera, E. Coli, and distemper are all spread by this brutal trade, threatening animal and human populations. On arrival, surviving dogs are met with an inhumane death, their bodies sold to markets and restaurants for profit.

Three steps must be taken by the Vietnamese government to stop this trade. First, make the import of dogs for meat a punishable crime. Second, enforce the ban. Third, enact a media campaign against eating dog meat. The meat is being marketed as an expensive delicacy with health benefits. This awful myth must be publicly discredited to stem demand and protect public health, or the black market trade will continue.

Sign now. Help us stop the dog meat trade.

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Ms. Nguyễn Thị Kim Tiến, Minister, Ministry of Health of Vietnam

We are outraged to learn of the illegal trade in and inhumane, unsanitary treatment of dogs as a meat commodity in your country.

The dogs that are being sold for consumption undergo a horrific process. It begins with theft. Many of these dogs are pets, stolen from families that love them; others are illegally gathered from the streets in neighboring countries. These dogs are then thrown into overcrowded crates, often a dozen or more in each one. The crates are stacked and loaded onto large trucks to be transported illegally across borders.

The dogs in the crates are left to suffer from dehydration, starvation, injury, and disease during the course of their journey. When they arrive in poor condition, many are already dead, and communicable diseases like rabies, cholera, E. Coli, and distemper are rampant - and can easily spread into local animal and human populations. Nonetheless, their bodies are of such value as meat that decaying bodies are treated to hide the decay, barbecued, and sold to an unsuspecting populace. The living dogs suffer just as much, meeting an inhumane death at the hands of inexpert workers and being sold under unsanitary conditions to those who will cook it up for profit.

You cannot stop this trade through laws on paper alone. You need to put three steps into practice:

  1. Make the illegal import of dogs a punishable crime.
  2. Enforce the ban consistently and quickly.
  3. You need to start a widespread media campaign against eating dog meat.

You see, dog meat is being marketed as a delicacy with health benefits. It costs more than pork, and is in high demand in meat markets and restaurants. Your media campaign should portray the dog meat trade for what it really is: cruel, illegal, and a real danger to the public.

Take these three actions, and maybe we'll see the end of this underground, unsanitary, and inhumane practice.

Petition Signatures

Feb 1, 2015 manuel mischok
Feb 1, 2015 Geraldine Hanson Please enforce the ban of the import of dogs for the illegal dog meat trade! Dogs do not deserve to be treated this horribly and humans need to be taught that dogs are not to be eaten!!
Feb 1, 2015 Aleksandra Milosevic
Feb 1, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 1, 2015 Sandy Barabash
Feb 1, 2015 Candice Laurence This must be stopped It is to horrible to think of.
Feb 1, 2015 Irene Melerski Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook is a popular tv chef & is Vietnamese. He's obviously a gourmet & I never heard of him preparing a dog dish.
Feb 1, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 1, 2015 deborah cianca-mayer
Feb 1, 2015 Benita Cohen
Feb 1, 2015 George Allen
Feb 1, 2015 diane woodward-frost Please do not continue this horrific practice!!
Feb 1, 2015 Susan Cowen
Feb 1, 2015 Karen Cowen
Feb 1, 2015 Sandy Heeter Please, come into the modern world where this practice is considered savage and evil, which it is!
Feb 1, 2015 Barbara Reukauf
Feb 1, 2015 Pam Baize
Feb 1, 2015 Janice Carotenuto
Feb 1, 2015 Steve Watson Disgraceful.
Feb 1, 2015 Christopher DeJoseph
Feb 1, 2015 Mo Rose This needs to end. NOW
Feb 1, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 1, 2015 Vicki Wizard Punishable, yes. But the hardest part is enforcement - I don't understand Asian Countries that eat what should be protected animals - but yes- it needs to STOP!
Feb 1, 2015 Nancy Thompson
Feb 1, 2015 Michelle LaRoche
Feb 1, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 1, 2015 Joan Parsley There is no health benefit from eating dogs. There is only a health benefit from having them and loving them.
Feb 1, 2015 Karen Meth
Feb 1, 2015 Jay Frye
Feb 1, 2015 Michael Rathbun this type of trade needs to stop
Feb 1, 2015 Eve Senkovich STOP! Humans are the worst, this doesn't need to happen.
Feb 1, 2015 emily stricker
Feb 1, 2015 suzanne perry please stop!!!
Feb 1, 2015 sa Breitzmann
Feb 1, 2015 michael golick
Feb 1, 2015 Elaine Catellier
Feb 1, 2015 Paula Shannon
Feb 1, 2015 betty stroud
Feb 1, 2015 Anthony Mendousa
Feb 1, 2015 delia davies
Feb 1, 2015 Marietta Hoey This practice is barbaric - the same thing should be done to those that participate !!!
Feb 1, 2015 (Name not displayed) This is disgraceful and tragic.
Feb 1, 2015 Joanne Lord MacLeod I am appalled to think you have not made this illegal and a danger to society .To condone this by looking the other way will not make it go away .Imprison people who do such a thing , be it steal loved pets ,or selling to the people ; fine them as well !
Feb 1, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 1, 2015 helen freedman
Feb 1, 2015 Nhi Huynh
Feb 1, 2015 Victoria Hoelzer
Feb 1, 2015 (Name not displayed) Shame on you for allowing such things. You are not human, definitely not humane.
Feb 1, 2015 Nicky Minetti Please stop this barbaric practice

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