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Goal: 75,000 Progress: 58,830
Sponsored by: Environmental Defense Fund

The majestic polar bear isn't just an arctic icon — it's a critical component of the arctic ecosystem. But as climate change is melting their hunting ground, many are starving and forced to swim extreme distances between ice floes. Two-thirds of the world's polar bears could be lost in as few as 35 years. If we do nothing to change the path we’re on, they could be wiped out.

The best way to protect them is to limit carbon pollution and stop climate change, through policies like the EPA's Clean Power Plan. But Congress has made attacking the plan a top priority — despite overwhelming public support for climate action.

Take Action: Help protect polar bears. Tell Congress to let the EPA do its job, and to support strong climate standards.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I strongly support EPA's efforts to limit industrial carbon pollution from existing power plants, the largest source of pollution in our country. I know that some in Congress will be attacking these attempts, but I ask you to stand with the environment, on the right side of history.

Fossil fuel burning power plants are the single largest source of dangerous carbon pollution in our nation and one of the largest in the world. And it's NOT responsible for the U.S. to have NO limits on carbon pollution from power plants!

EPA's efforts to limit dangerous carbon pollution from power plants will protect public health, fight climate change, and help our economy by sparking innovation in clean energy technologies.

Our communities, our families and our children are counting on your leadership. Please support strong limits on carbon pollution from America's existing power plants.


Petition Signatures

Dec 13, 2017 Marie Gerbaud
Dec 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 12, 2017 TRINA Barnes BEYOND ANY WORDS
Dec 11, 2017 Jayne Riley Please re-evaluate the climate change issue.
Dec 11, 2017 doris gonen
Dec 11, 2017 Lilla Varnedoe
Dec 9, 2017 Ling Lee
Dec 9, 2017 Victoria Boyd
Dec 9, 2017 Elizabeth McKenna
Dec 9, 2017 Sherry Harris These poor animals are starving due to habitat destruction - ice melting - caused by carbon pollution. Please, let's help them
Dec 8, 2017 Penny Westmoreland
Dec 8, 2017 Zorock Hazen
Dec 8, 2017 Joanne Trivett This is undeniable proof of real climate change effects. When these beautiful animals are gone, they're gone. This is neglect.
Dec 5, 2017 Stephanie Dejou
Dec 5, 2017 Karrie Kozak
Dec 4, 2017 Verena Kalandra
Dec 3, 2017 Juliana Codnia
Dec 3, 2017 Iryna Andreychuk
Dec 3, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 2, 2017 Nico Dabajo
Dec 2, 2017 Al Moorhouse
Dec 2, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 1, 2017 Cara Blazucki
Nov 30, 2017 Sarah McILwraith
Nov 30, 2017 jen plishka
Nov 30, 2017 dana Gurley
Nov 30, 2017 Tania Oliver Save Earth's Polar Bears! It's up to us
Nov 30, 2017 junaedi ong
Nov 29, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 29, 2017 Kristina Arabaca
Nov 29, 2017 (Name not displayed) Reduce your use of oil. Check out Samso, Denmark - 100% Renewable Energy Power.
Nov 28, 2017 Elizabeth Bush
Nov 28, 2017 Kristie Hatton
Nov 28, 2017 Martha Soto
Nov 28, 2017 Coco Frank
Nov 28, 2017 Patricia E Anderson
Nov 28, 2017 Julia Fest
Nov 28, 2017 Angela Kleis
Nov 28, 2017 Helga Weisberger
Nov 27, 2017 Nathan Kirby
Nov 27, 2017 Beatrice Sundfør
Nov 27, 2017 Philippe Jungo
Nov 27, 2017 sirena green
Nov 27, 2017 Joana Mascarenhas Domingues
Nov 27, 2017 rita pissens
Nov 27, 2017 Tatiana Shelenga
Nov 27, 2017 Justin LeGrow
Nov 27, 2017 Lajos Vas
Nov 27, 2017 елена елена

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