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Goal: 125,000 Progress: 100,789
Sponsored by: Earthjustice

The Arctic Ocean's pristine waters are in danger. No technology currently exists to clean up oil spilled in the region home to endangered whales, polar bears, seals and other wildlife.

Demand a more cautious approach to offshore drilling in the Arctic. Drilling in the Arctic isn't worth the risk!

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Dear Sec. Jewell:

Allowing oil drilling and development in the pristine and remote waters of America's Arctic Ocean is a risky and unnecessary venture. Government scientists agree that more data is needed to fully understand the impacts of an oil spill in this sensitive region. Given this, I urge you to rescind the Chukchi Sea lease Sale 193 leases and gather vital missing baseline data and oil spill response information before moving forward with leasing and drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

The rush to allow oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean puts a sensitive ecosystem at unnecessary risk. It threatens endangered and threatened species, as well as Native communities.

Please consider the impacts of your decision to open the Arctic Ocean to oil drilling. Just over a year ago, a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico devastated that region. Don't make the same mistake twice by opening the Arctic Ocean to unsafe oil drilling.

Petition Signatures

Mar 6, 2015 Claudia Cellerino
Mar 6, 2015 Bettina Sweet
Mar 6, 2015 JULIE KIMBER
Mar 6, 2015 Tim Stein
Mar 6, 2015 Laurie Lanni
Mar 6, 2015 c c
Mar 6, 2015 (Name not displayed) If we could not clean up the oil spill in the warm Gulf of Mexico how are big oil companies going to clean up spills in the subzero, high wind Arctic? Common sense needs to prevail not monetary greed for oil companies to provide money to shareholders.
Mar 5, 2015 Gail Staples
Mar 5, 2015 Christopher Romanowski
Mar 5, 2015 Bill Wiebe
Mar 5, 2015 Nancy Morales
Mar 5, 2015 Ellen Segal
Mar 5, 2015 jane wilson
Mar 5, 2015 Brittany Fiorentini
Mar 5, 2015 Jeaie Smegal Haven't humans already done enough to damage the arctic and bring its wildlife to the brink of extinction? We must learn to alter our ways of doing things to save what's left of our environment and our precious wildlife.
Mar 5, 2015 Michael Frost
Mar 5, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 5, 2015 Juli L
Mar 5, 2015 Caroline Sbardelotto Baldo
Mar 5, 2015 Steph Teien
Mar 5, 2015 MiLeane Stidham
Mar 5, 2015 J J
Mar 5, 2015 megan E
Mar 5, 2015 Jordan Parmenter
Mar 5, 2015 Jocelyn Navarro
Mar 5, 2015 Linda Marie Liberti
Mar 5, 2015 Misty Garcia Please stop destroy nature
Mar 5, 2015 Patricia Maurin
Mar 5, 2015 Karin Libera
Mar 5, 2015 Susan Worthington
Mar 5, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 5, 2015 Immo Inkinen Violence to the nature is the violence against us selves
Mar 4, 2015 Francoise van Straelen
Mar 4, 2015 Rosemarie Woods "Man did not weave the web of life he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself." Chief Seattle
Mar 4, 2015 denise dirou
Mar 4, 2015 alicia manning
Mar 4, 2015 Simone Eckardt
Mar 4, 2015 Kimberly Thompson
Mar 4, 2015 Donna Boykin Bad idea! Leave the Arctic as it is.. NO DRILLING FOR OIL, PLEASE.
Mar 4, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 4, 2015 Chris Isham
Mar 4, 2015 Andrew Serrin
Mar 4, 2015 Jessie Petty
Mar 4, 2015 Cheryl Dahler We have already seen the devastation oil spills create -- we cannot let this happen in this sensitive ecosystem.
Mar 4, 2015 Katheryn Neville Please do not destroy the Arctic Ocean
Mar 4, 2015 ria konings
Mar 4, 2015 Tina Brenza
Mar 4, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 4, 2015 Sandy DeCoursey Pidgeon This is a pristine environment that warrants not to exploit. Think about it.
Mar 4, 2015 Marty Mathieson

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