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Goal: 50,000 Progress: 37,659
Sponsored by: Earthjustice

Bee populations are plummeting! Yet the Environmental Protection Agency recently sided with Dow AgroSciences to approve a new, highly toxic bee-killing pesticide called sulfoxaflor.

And now the EPA is considering expanding the number of crops this pesticide can be sprayed on to include corn, alfalfa, oats, and several other significant and widely grown crops. Will you help us fight back?

Tell the EPA to deny Dow AgroScience's application to expand the registration of the bee-killing pesticide sulfoxaflor now!

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To: Gina McCarthy, Environmental Protection Agency

As a citizen concerned about our nation's health and food security, I urge you to deny Dow AgroScience's application to expand the registration of the bee-killing pesticide sulfoxaflor so that it can be sprayed on corn, alfalfa, oats, and several significant and widely grown crops.

Honeybees are dying at rates unprecedented in history, prompting the U.S. Department of Agriculture to warn that it is no longer confident in our ability to "meet the pollination demands of U.S. agricultural crops." Rather than expand the number of crops that can be sprayed with highly toxic and systemic insecticides like sulfoxaflor, the EPA must take immediate steps to help bees recover. I join with other members of Earthjustice in calling for you to suspend the use of sulfoxaflor on all crops pending a thorough analysis of the impacts to bees and the many crops that depend on bees for pollination.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Oct 23, 2014 Catherine Reid
Oct 23, 2014 gloria fedi
Oct 23, 2014 florence albert
Oct 23, 2014 Melissa Allen
Oct 23, 2014 Ekaterina Gorbachova
Oct 23, 2014 Gail Petersen
Oct 23, 2014 Lori Daniels
Oct 23, 2014 ilse mümmler
Oct 23, 2014 KELLY CHARLES
Oct 23, 2014 marc walravens
Oct 23, 2014 Deb McNeil Leave the bees alone!
Oct 23, 2014 richard low
Oct 23, 2014 laura cisneros
Oct 23, 2014 Walki Tinkanesh
Oct 23, 2014 Eunice Judge
Oct 23, 2014 lisa jawahar
Oct 23, 2014 Helen Bradley
Oct 23, 2014 Sukran Kirtis
Oct 23, 2014 Robin Warner It is time to begin redress the damage done to wildlife and nature by human activity
Oct 23, 2014 Pamela Bockman
Oct 23, 2014 Rebecca Nelson
Oct 23, 2014 Janet Solomon They go...they're take us WITH them! It's got to STOP! xo
Oct 23, 2014 KAY KLINSPORT
Oct 23, 2014 Sylvia Savino
Oct 23, 2014 Edurne Goyarzu
Oct 23, 2014 Christine Kane
Oct 23, 2014 Anabella Sanchez-Dardon
Oct 23, 2014 Sue harding
Oct 23, 2014 Kathy Franks
Oct 23, 2014 Elizabeth Wirtz
Oct 23, 2014 Edgardo Estrada I had plenty of bees going into a small space I'm my home I had a feeling this was going on bees need to live too I understand that so please don't pass this law.
Oct 23, 2014 Al Beaney If the bees die, we die
Oct 23, 2014 Michele Roberts
Oct 23, 2014 Philip Perry
Oct 23, 2014 Kathleen Engberg Using sulfoxaflor is bad for bees and human health We can't live without bees, and there is way too much human cancer going on. All of this stuff needs to be banned and natural methods applied.
Oct 23, 2014 Mary Galloway We are a link in the chain of life. We need honey bees for survival. Stop using this harmful chemical as I am sure it is killing a lot more than bees.
Oct 23, 2014 cicely parco
Oct 23, 2014 Carleen Wenner
Oct 23, 2014 Janet Bindas
Oct 23, 2014 Linda Cleland
Oct 23, 2014 Melissa Kermani
Oct 23, 2014 Ingrid Albrecht Gandhi stated, "The GREATNESS of a nation and its MORAL PROGRESS can be judged by the WAY its animals are TREATED." We don't need more pesticides...we NEED OUR BEES!
Oct 23, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 23, 2014 Jake Hess
Oct 23, 2014 LIZ SANCHEZ
Oct 23, 2014 Priscill Martin
Oct 23, 2014 jeff Hacon
Oct 23, 2014 Courtney Cecere
Oct 23, 2014 Terry Eckstein
Oct 23, 2014 Chelsea Jones

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