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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 24,566
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

In Ohio, a ban on ownership of exotic animals such as tigers, primates, and large snakes has expired. This means that rare animal collectors are once again allowed to procure wild, exotic animals.

The ban was necessary. In late 2010, a man was mauled to death while attempting to feed one of his black bears. The tragic event underscores the need for stricter animal regulations.

Most people who purchase exotic animals for private use are not properly trained to handle the animals, and therefore put themselves, the people around them, and the animals in grave danger. Wild animals are unpredictable and should only be allowed to interact with highly-trained individuals.

Sign the petition telling Ohio lawmakers to reinstate the exotic animal ban and to crack down on individuals who are not properly trained to own them.

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Dear Ohio legislators:

I am writing to ask that you reinstate the ban on private ownership of exotic animals. It's simply unsafe for untrained individuals to own and handle wild animals like tigers or bears.

In August 2010 a young man was mauled to death by a bear he was attempting to feed. The man and the bear were very well-acquainted as the man handled the bear daily. No matter how familiar a person is with a wild animal such as a bear, the possibility remains that the animal can turn at any second. That was unfortunately what happened to the young man.

Attacks like the one in August 2010 are 100% preventable. All that needs to happen is the passing of legislation that doesn't allow private citizens to obtain exotic animals without proper training and permits.

Please advocate for safety and implement a ban on private ownership of exotic animals.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Aug 27, 2014 Renate Gärtner
Aug 26, 2014 Emma Spires
Aug 26, 2014 Ida Fedik
Aug 26, 2014 Rebekah Baldwin
Aug 26, 2014 Meredith Maxwell
Aug 26, 2014 Carmen Williams
Aug 26, 2014 Jenna Kerylow
Aug 25, 2014 Nancy Coleman
Aug 25, 2014 jan fogel
Aug 25, 2014 Michele Stoak
Aug 25, 2014 Paula Fleck
Aug 25, 2014 Linda Hertel
Aug 24, 2014 Meritxell Fernandez Casal
Aug 24, 2014 Alyssa Hill
Aug 23, 2014 julie wylie Leave the animals alone
Aug 23, 2014 Tamara Medeiros
Aug 23, 2014 Frederick McMullen
Aug 22, 2014 Nelida Ibanez
Aug 22, 2014 Sabrina Sterrett
Aug 22, 2014 Adrienne Odenthal
Aug 22, 2014 Kim Foster
Aug 22, 2014 Donna Deese
Aug 22, 2014 Esther García de Diego
Aug 22, 2014 Lorraine Ochoa
Aug 22, 2014 Jackie godbout
Aug 21, 2014 Rosa Arsiaga
Aug 21, 2014 Greatest Ever
Aug 21, 2014 Sinead Sallis life should be respected and cared for, to toucher or harm is another is vilely inhumane.
Aug 21, 2014 Martha Tack
Aug 21, 2014 Josilene Queiroz do Nascimento Jôsi Nascimento
Aug 21, 2014 Donna Jack
Aug 21, 2014 mieke wilms
Aug 21, 2014 Hillary Sutton
Aug 20, 2014 Maria Arranz
Aug 20, 2014 Ashley Erdmann
Aug 20, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 20, 2014 heide jenkins only a fool does not learn from past mistakes. keeping these animals captive is a MISTAKE>
Aug 20, 2014 lauren hjelm
Aug 20, 2014 Carole LaBeau
Aug 20, 2014 Jamie Patricia Misch Please,we need to protect these animals and stop causing harm to them because of our selfish needs and wants. Thank you
Aug 20, 2014 Nancy Eckert
Aug 20, 2014 Linda Prandi
Aug 20, 2014 Lajean Faircloth
Aug 20, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 20, 2014 peter fitzke
Aug 20, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 20, 2014 Amy Locke
Aug 20, 2014 gina marinello
Aug 20, 2014 Trish Stroble
Aug 20, 2014 Lissa Moris

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