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Goal: 100,000 Progress: 83,216
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

From fur farms where animals are raised and then skinned alive, to steel-jaw traps that clamp down on the legs of wildlife, leaving them there in agony sometimes for days — the fur industry is a cruel and barbaric trade from which many people still collect their paychecks.

We could show you horrible videos depicting the torture some of these animals endure, or show graphic pictures of the aftermath of skinning. But we would rather focus on how to create a movement to stop the fur industry in its tracks.

That's why we've created this pledge — to promote awareness, to incite others to join the cause by swearing off all fur products, to refuse buying products from retailers who use fur, to write legislators asking for stronger anti-fur laws, and to tell friends that fur isn't fair.

Sign the Fur Isn't Fair pledge and help save our furry animals from further pain and suffering they don't deserve!

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Petition Signatures

Aug 29, 2015 Leanne Rathmell
Aug 29, 2015 Janet Ague-Kennedy
Aug 28, 2015 Melissa McCracken
Aug 28, 2015 jenn robb
Aug 28, 2015 John Petteford
Aug 28, 2015 anita vd berge Wat doe je dieren aan het is hun pels ,vacht veren dat is niet van ons blijf er van af het is dieren leed in deze tijd trek je dat toch niet meer aan
Aug 28, 2015 Susan Amprim
Aug 28, 2015 sandi nelson
Aug 28, 2015 delores richardson
Aug 28, 2015 Rose Thompson
Aug 28, 2015 Naznine Qureshi Fur is no longer a fashion statement-it is suffering and death in plain sight!
Aug 27, 2015 Jillyanne Downs
Aug 27, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 26, 2015 Tina Sabourin
Aug 26, 2015 Teresa Heiser
Aug 25, 2015 Rachel Van Dinter
Aug 25, 2015 jane gilmore
Aug 25, 2015 Elisabeth Wouters
Aug 25, 2015 Leisa Baumann
Aug 25, 2015 Laura Dani
Aug 24, 2015 David Aguilera
Aug 24, 2015 Robin Blum
Aug 24, 2015 Celina Silva
Aug 23, 2015 Adriana Maria Bidarra
Aug 23, 2015 Jean-Luc LERAY
Aug 22, 2015 robert dowling
Aug 21, 2015 Miriam Rubinstein
Aug 21, 2015 La Ree Buble
Aug 21, 2015 Christopher Aguilar
Aug 21, 2015 Anna Bice Animals need to be saved.Stop killing and abusing animals...
Aug 21, 2015 Heather Baker
Aug 20, 2015 Valeria Pires dos Santos
Aug 20, 2015 Angus Barkley
Aug 20, 2015 fran oakes
Aug 20, 2015 Sherry Hester
Aug 20, 2015 christiane bade
Aug 19, 2015 Janice Martz
Aug 19, 2015 Andre Meaux
Aug 19, 2015 Kim DelMonico
Aug 19, 2015 Leanne Cracknell
Aug 19, 2015 Lori Kizer
Aug 19, 2015 pia olausson
Aug 19, 2015 MaryAnne Roberts
Aug 19, 2015 Kimberly Wright
Aug 19, 2015 Rebecca Fost I'll never purchase fur, feathers, or leather again. I will only ever adopt/rescue, I encourage my friends and family to do the same. I protest animal use/abuse.. and I will always be 100% vegan for the animals. Veganism is the only sustainable answer!
Aug 19, 2015 Catherine Lee
Aug 19, 2015 Catharina Bajric
Aug 19, 2015 Michael Wagner
Aug 18, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 18, 2015 Grace Fuentebella

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