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Goal: 100,000 Progress: 91,298
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Many animal shelters in America are still using the archaic and cruel gas chamber euthanization method. This practice involves putting animals into a small room and unleashing deadly carbon monoxide gas, which eventually suffocates them. There have been reports of animals becoming extremely unsettled and crying during this process.

The most widely-accepted method of euthanasia in the United States is the injection of sodium pentobarbital — a substance that can quickly and painlessly end an animal's life. With this information in mind, there is simply no reason the gas chamber practice should be allowed to continue.

Gas chamber euthanasia remains legal in at least 30 states. Sign the petition urging Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to outlaw this inhumane and barbarous practice in all 50 states.

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Dear Secretary Vilsack,

I am appalled to learn that gas chamber euthanasia is still a viable method of putting animals to sleep in some states. Gas chambers have been largely ruled out as inhumane for humans who are to be put to death, yet it remains permissible for animals. I don't see how this makes any sense.

In fact, there have been reports from animal shelters who claim that, upon release of the deadly gases, animals become extremely unnerved, fight with each other, gasp for breath, and cry out in pain.

At least twenty states now outlaw this barbaric euthanasia method, but that means it's still legal within the majority of the United States. With the existence of cheaper and more effective alternatives, lethal injection in particular, it's a wonder why this process is still allowed at all.

Please lend your influence and expertise to see that gas chamber euthanasia is done away with once and for all.

Petition Signatures

Sep 23, 2014 Allison Younger
Sep 23, 2014 Deborah Voves
Sep 23, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 23, 2014 Erin Sackmann
Sep 23, 2014 Donna Jack
Sep 23, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 23, 2014 Cynthia Mahlin No humanity. Power corrupts.
Sep 23, 2014 Ivica Mijatovic
Sep 23, 2014 Karlo Kajsler
Sep 23, 2014 Annie Smit
Sep 23, 2014 sandra claassens
Sep 23, 2014 Marti May
Sep 22, 2014 Katerina Jirova
Sep 22, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 22, 2014 Ruth Limeburner
Sep 22, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 22, 2014 Ofelia Lam
Sep 22, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 22, 2014 cat thompson
Sep 22, 2014 julia roebuck
Sep 22, 2014 Stasi Brown Please don't use the gas chamber we thought it was in humane years ago for humans in the dark days of hitler please don't be as barbaric as he was.
Sep 22, 2014 Krystin Trustman
Sep 22, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 22, 2014 Susan Perry
Sep 22, 2014 karen watton reminiscent of the nazis
Sep 22, 2014 Mary Merzbacher
Sep 22, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 22, 2014 cynthia lee
Sep 22, 2014 Feather Fromm
Sep 22, 2014 Nicole Arnoto
Sep 22, 2014 Marianne Mansour
Sep 22, 2014 Katarina Scalercio
Sep 22, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 22, 2014 Takoda Chancellor This is cruel.
Sep 22, 2014 Barbara Livingston
Sep 22, 2014 Kristy Dill Don't Kill any animals!!
Sep 22, 2014 Nancy Hutcins
Sep 22, 2014 Lauri Oberlander This procedure is cruel and Inhumane to all animals. This should be illegal.
Sep 22, 2014 Jacqueline Lavanchy
Sep 22, 2014 Linda Chin When is this country going to realize what they are doing is so dead wrong? The powers who have the chance to do something...need to do something! How do you sleep at night? There is a hell for people that torture animals!
Sep 22, 2014 Paula Bryant Such cruelty, So barbaric, So unnecessary. So much shame to the Country that allows it. Hang your head Lady Liberty.
Sep 22, 2014 Anna Thomas
Sep 22, 2014 Linda Cox
Sep 22, 2014 JUNE CAMPBELL
Sep 22, 2014 raquel montes
Sep 22, 2014 bernadette anstett
Sep 22, 2014 Valeria Otazu
Sep 21, 2014 a. luna
Sep 21, 2014 Karen Duhan
Sep 21, 2014 Robin Halpern all horrible ways to even HAVE these ways permitted. I have never even heard of the gas chamber. This is going too too far for these poor animals. Please make a law for the whole USA to to outlaw these horrible inhumane ways. PLEASE

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