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Goal: 35,000 Progress: 15,355
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Imagine being confined to a steel pen without enough room to even turn around, being forced to stand and lay on a slatted floor, and living a couple feet above your own waste. For more than 5 million pigs in the United States, this is a horrendous reality.

Every year, millions of breeding sows are locked in gestation crates at 7 months of age, impregnated, and forced to live out their lives standing in their crates waiting to give birth. Not only are they unable to turn around or move, they suffer from respiratory illnesses caused by living a few feet above their feces, and with no stimulation or ability to play, these incredibly clever animals develop severe neurotic issues. Once she gives birth, the pig is moved to an equally restrictive crate to nurse, but is unable to turn around to see her piglets for the two weeks or so before they are taken away.

This cycle continues over and over, year after year, until the sow is “used up” and sent to be slaughtered. During that time they are isolated, suffering from boredom and fear, and are unable to even meet the piglets they are forced to have. It is a horrific form of torture, and it can’t continue!

Twelve states have banned gestation crates in the United States, but that is not enough! This inhumane practice should be banned across the country. Join us in calling upon the United States Department of Agriculture to end the use of gestation crates!

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To the Secretary of Agriculture,

Each year, millions of sows are forced into gestation crates, a tiny cage that doesn’t even provide them room to turn around. They live above their own waste, and are forced to give birth over and over before being discarded. It’s a life of boredom, isolation, and fear that would be considered severe animal abuse in any other setting.

Gestation crates are harmful enough to have prompted 12 states to ban their use, but that is far from enough. America’s largest pork producing states still allow the use of gestation crates, despite mounting evidence that more humane practices are not only more effective, but more profitable. The time has come to put a ban on gestation crates across the United States.

Two of the United States’ largest pork producers, Cargill and Smithfield Foods, have already started cutting ties with farmers that use gestation crates, a clear sign that it is time to end their usage.

Secretary, I urge you to put an end to gestation crates across the country.


Petition Signatures

Oct 21, 2017 corine cathala
Oct 21, 2017 Zaher Naoum
Oct 21, 2017 Dominique LANG
Oct 21, 2017 Diana Moore
Oct 20, 2017 katherine Sampson
Oct 20, 2017 Christina Brown
Oct 20, 2017 Liliana Fiorini
Oct 20, 2017 Monica Preis
Oct 20, 2017 Linda Romano
Oct 20, 2017 kim runnoe
Oct 20, 2017 C. Scott
Oct 20, 2017 maryse fioramonti
Oct 20, 2017 Diann Hackett
Oct 19, 2017 Annette Bartlett
Oct 19, 2017 Elaine Costolo
Oct 19, 2017 Elspeth Crowley
Oct 19, 2017 Autumn Wilson
Oct 19, 2017 Jen Houston
Oct 19, 2017 (Name not displayed) This is legalized animal abuse. How absolutley heartbreaking:( Wish each and every one of these sick bastards that can do this to these defenseless animals would be locked away in one of these crates.No excuse for animal abuse! They should be charged!
Oct 19, 2017 Ronald Brogan
Oct 19, 2017 Susan Nieto
Oct 19, 2017 george lewis
Oct 19, 2017 tana kent
Oct 18, 2017 dana newsom
Oct 18, 2017 Pamela Townsend
Oct 18, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 15, 2017 Jennifer Reed
Oct 14, 2017 ilyse fein This is despicable and inhumane! There is a better way
Oct 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 14, 2017 Karl-Heinz Braun
Oct 13, 2017 Cortney Adelman
Oct 12, 2017 andree luron
Oct 12, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 11, 2017 paula nichols
Oct 11, 2017 Juli Pelletier
Oct 10, 2017 Jean Galati
Oct 10, 2017 amrita biswas
Oct 10, 2017 Laura Prohaska
Oct 10, 2017 John Botts
Oct 10, 2017 Donna Partin
Oct 10, 2017 Brian Gottejman
Oct 10, 2017 Lisa Nash How did this ever become okay? please end the suffering!
Oct 9, 2017 Paul Carverr
Oct 9, 2017 Theresa Crovello
Oct 9, 2017 denise krula
Oct 8, 2017 Cathleen Gorden
Oct 7, 2017 Sarah Strantz
Oct 6, 2017 Louise Moore
Oct 6, 2017 Barbara Idso
Oct 6, 2017 Elly Vogel

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