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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 27,178
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

With new forms of medical technology and research techniques evolving at a rapid pace, there is simply no reason to continue using primates for invasive biomedical research. That's why Maryland Representative Roscoe Bartlett introduced the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act — a bill that would prohibit the use of chimpanzees for invasive studies and testing.

Working with the Humane Society of the United States and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Representative Bartlett found that saving the chimpanzees would also save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars per year since they would no longer have to be kept in warehouses awaiting research trials.

The chimps would be transferred to a primate sanctuary where they'd be free from cruel testing and able to live out their lives peacefully.

Speak out for chimpanzees and sign the petition supporting the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act!

Sign Here

Dear Representative Bartlett,

I am writing to express my full support of your sponsorship of the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act. You have taken a significant step toward protecting chimpanzees from being injured or killed during biomedical research trials.

The fact is, with all of the advancements that have been made in the medical research industry, there is simply no reason to continue using chimpanzees for medical studies. Not only does medical research cause great harm to the animals, keeping them housed in warehouses ready for testing costs taxpayers millions of dollars per year.

Recently you said, "There's just no valid argument to continue to keep these great apes as they're now being kept," — and you're right. Between 80 and 90 percent of these animals aren't even being used in active research.

It is imperative that we lead the charge in protecting these great apes, especially since there is technologically no sound reason to keep them around for research purposes.

Please see that the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act passes so that our chimpanzees are saved from any further suffering and we from unnecessary spending!

Sincerely yours,

Petition Signatures

Dec 22, 2014 Amy Breen
Dec 21, 2014 Phil Neal
Dec 21, 2014 Teri Duchac
Dec 21, 2014 Nicole Blawusch
Dec 21, 2014 Patrick McElwee
Dec 21, 2014 Lisa Page
Dec 20, 2014 Shawna Cullen
Dec 20, 2014 Michele Villeneuve
Dec 20, 2014 (Name not displayed) I lived in a place where they have the poor animals that were used for testing. Its a barbaric practice and should never be tolerated, be their voice and help them have the life they deserve and are supposed to have, not one we force on them.
Dec 19, 2014 debora young
Dec 19, 2014 Laura Tysinger
Dec 19, 2014 carole hagen
Dec 19, 2014 APRIL FOXWELL
Dec 19, 2014 Sachiko Onishi
Dec 19, 2014 Janice Diane Arnold It's nearly 2015! There's no need to test on these intelligent creatures who are our genetic cousins . (Would u test on your own family? NO!! ) STOP IT
Dec 18, 2014 Mimi Benadiba
Dec 18, 2014 Karen Eldridge
Dec 18, 2014 rashel grima
Dec 18, 2014 Stephanie Kirichek
Dec 18, 2014 Cecilia Sullivan
Dec 18, 2014 Linda Cave
Dec 18, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Dec 18, 2014 MINNIE gutierrez
Dec 18, 2014 JESSE TAYLOR
Dec 18, 2014 Galla Os
Dec 18, 2014 Simon Brereton
Dec 17, 2014 Pamela Gibberman
Dec 17, 2014 Katherine Babiak
Dec 17, 2014 Erika Muniz
Dec 17, 2014 Fátima Menarelo
Dec 17, 2014 Melodey Wood
Dec 17, 2014 Sok Capp
Dec 17, 2014 Mark Calise
Dec 17, 2014 Jennifer Grimm
Dec 17, 2014 jose quintanilha
Dec 17, 2014 Beatrix Janek-Oefelein
Dec 17, 2014 Madeleine Sjölin
Dec 17, 2014 Charlotte Wilhite
Dec 17, 2014 martine Johann
Dec 17, 2014 Patricia Webster
Dec 17, 2014 Edie Urbasik
Dec 17, 2014 Lori Shimabukuro
Dec 17, 2014 louise desimone HORRIFIC!!!!
Dec 17, 2014 Debra Shepard
Dec 17, 2014 Anna Bilchuk It is the time to stop do this with animals.
Dec 17, 2014 Charlotte Slifker
Dec 17, 2014 Patrice Bordonaro
Dec 17, 2014 Kees Albers
Dec 17, 2014 Mary Andrews
Dec 17, 2014 (Name not displayed)

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