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Goal: 100,000 Progress: 89,296
Sponsored by: Humane Society of the United States

Thousands of animals are suffering and dying needlessly to test products like shaving cream, mascara, and toothpaste, even though producing safe, cruelty-free beauty and personal care products is possible. It's time to end cosmetics cruelty — forever.

Join The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International in our campaign for a cruelty-free world where rabbits, mice, rats, and guinea pigs no longer have to suffer for the sake of cosmetics. Sign our Be Cruelty-Free pledge today and say no to cosmetics animal testing in the United States and worldwide.

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I pledge to be cruelty free.

I believe that animals shouldn't suffer and die to test cosmetics or their ingredients. All cosmetics should be cruelty-free, and I support an end to animal testing for cosmetics and on the sale of new cosmetics that have been tested on animals.


Petition Signatures

Jul 6, 2015 sandra noti
Jul 6, 2015 leblanc laurence
Jul 6, 2015 Karin Steininger
Jul 6, 2015 Caroline Das Neves
Jul 6, 2015 Daphne Rowe
Jul 6, 2015 sumaiya h I personally don't use cosmetics which are tested on animals..and I hope most of the countries across the world stop this cruelty..there has to much more awareness about this
Jul 6, 2015 Sanette Gildenhuys
Jul 5, 2015 Penny Chambers
Jul 5, 2015 Edith Molocher
Jul 5, 2015 Carl Alexander
Jul 5, 2015 Helen Sciberras
Jul 5, 2015 Mirosław Sulima
Jul 5, 2015 Upasana Ganguly
Jul 5, 2015 Linda D Williams Please don't use animals like rabbits for lab testing! They are precious animals that God created.
Jul 5, 2015 constantin stroe
Jul 5, 2015 Linda Raahauge
Jul 5, 2015 Patricia Stange
Jul 5, 2015 cari orr
Jul 5, 2015 joanne delapa This needs to stop
Jul 5, 2015 Mikaela Young
Jul 5, 2015 marjorie gough
Jul 5, 2015 gigi martin
Jul 5, 2015 Corinne Karbhari
Jul 5, 2015 Dina Guardado Please stop this practices .on this country your pets have rights please stop this practices .
Jul 5, 2015 Henry Wolfskill
Jul 5, 2015 Jill Hinckley This is not only cruel, but completely ridiculous. I will never knowingly use a cosmetic that has been tested on animals.
Jul 5, 2015 Johana Morais
Jul 5, 2015 Kathleen Irvin
Jul 5, 2015 Laurie Householder
Jul 5, 2015 Maree Gibson
Jul 5, 2015 Lois Campbell
Jul 5, 2015 Victoria Nykamp
Jul 5, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jul 5, 2015 Kalpana Pot
Jul 5, 2015 susan smith I will not use any cosmetic that has used animals for testing.
Jul 5, 2015 Tamara Layne
Jul 5, 2015 Fatima lara
Jul 5, 2015 susan williams I do not believe that we should ever test make up or hair care products on animals. They depend on us to take care of them; how could you bear to hurt an innocent animal.
Jul 5, 2015 Lindy Friedman
Jul 5, 2015 Dana Arthur
Jul 5, 2015 Domenica Torres
Jul 5, 2015 Trisha O'Keefe
Jul 5, 2015 pam brintlinger
Jul 5, 2015 Tanya Cecchini
Jul 5, 2015 Caroline Fraser
Jul 5, 2015 Lauren Cohen No animal testing!
Jul 5, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jul 5, 2015 Patricia Hawke
Jul 5, 2015 Michelle Aguiar

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