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Goal: 75,000 Progress: 48,935
Sponsored by: Humane Society of the United States

Thousands of animals are suffering and dying needlessly to test products like shaving cream, mascara, and toothpaste, even though producing safe, cruelty-free beauty and personal care products is possible. It's time to end cosmetics cruelty — forever.

Join The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International in our campaign for a cruelty-free world where rabbits, mice, rats, and guinea pigs no longer have to suffer for the sake of cosmetics. Sign our Be Cruelty-Free pledge today and say no to cosmetics animal testing in the United States and worldwide.

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I pledge to be cruelty free.

I believe that animals shouldn't suffer and die to test cosmetics or their ingredients. All cosmetics should be cruelty-free, and I support an end to animal testing for cosmetics and on the sale of new cosmetics that have been tested on animals.


Petition Signatures

Oct 1, 2014 Danielle Joy
Oct 1, 2014 Mary Rossi
Oct 1, 2014 Lynn Roebuck
Oct 1, 2014 sharon hesford
Oct 1, 2014 TARYN TYNAN
Oct 1, 2014 Leonor Tirona
Oct 1, 2014 heather palmer
Oct 1, 2014 darius hoin
Oct 1, 2014 DEBRA MURPHY As the pledge says i believe no animal should endure a life of sick experimentation for anything let alone make up and beauty products!!! Totally unnessesary it must be stopped world wide!!!
Oct 1, 2014 Terri O'Neill We have so many laws protecting human rights, let's protect animal rights! They don't deserve this!!!!
Oct 1, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 1, 2014 maria loureiro
Oct 1, 2014 Jackie Woodall
Sep 30, 2014 Kimberly scheiwe
Sep 30, 2014 Janell Curtis
Sep 30, 2014 Diane Gray
Sep 30, 2014 Suzy Barsell
Sep 30, 2014 samuel Goodwin-walton
Sep 30, 2014 Carla Caston
Sep 30, 2014 Mary Wiltshire
Sep 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 30, 2014 Aubury Smith
Sep 30, 2014 victoria green no animal should suffer as no human would suffer or go though what they go though, no need for it in this day and age
Sep 30, 2014 Donna VanBilliard
Sep 30, 2014 Hiltrud Bajraktaraj Support Cruelty-Free Cosmetics
Sep 30, 2014 Dagmar Goebelbecker
Sep 30, 2014 Chiara Simbolotti
Sep 30, 2014 Iris Sinai
Sep 30, 2014 Varpu Kaplas
Sep 30, 2014 Maureen Kelley Testing on animals is just not necessary - for any product. And it's inhumane and cruel.
Sep 30, 2014 Janet Cameron
Sep 30, 2014 Chris Lewis
Sep 30, 2014 Kevin Dahl
Sep 30, 2014 Sara Cecoro
Sep 30, 2014 Louise White
Sep 30, 2014 Marguerite DeMartino Cruelty free is the way to be!
Sep 30, 2014 Sandra D Rosa
Sep 30, 2014 kaori aoki
Sep 30, 2014 Barbara Gyoerfi
Sep 30, 2014 Gwendolyn Pecora
Sep 30, 2014 Prakaidao Deebua
Sep 30, 2014 Helena Zagar
Sep 30, 2014 leah clerc
Sep 30, 2014 Lynda Hyde
Sep 29, 2014 Debi Coyle
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 criselda perez
Sep 29, 2014 Susana Miriam Bidart
Sep 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 29, 2014 niebla elorza

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