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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 18,457
Sponsored by: Humane Society of the United States

At this pivotal time in our nation, we must send a message to the new administration — we are a strong and powerful American movement.

We are made up of members of all political affiliations united in our determination to protect animals. We care deeply about animal welfare and will fight against harmful policies that could roll back recent progress, including protections for endangered wolves in the Great Lakes and for wolves and other predators on federal lands in Alaska; the bans on horse slaughter and horse soring; federal, state and local laws on animal welfare and agriculture; and more.

Please send a message to the White House to let the new administration know that you care about animals and to urge them to protect animal welfare.

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Dear President Trump,

Millions of Americans care about the welfare of animals — pets are a $56 billion industry and companies are increasingly adopting policies to create a humane economy. It's more clear than ever before — animal welfare is good for the bottom line and concern for animals is an issue that cuts across party lines.

Joining with the members and supporters of the nonpartisan Humane Society of the United States, I urge you uphold and advance the principles of the humane economy and to protect the progress made in recent years — using your authority to enact policies that are good for animals and good for the American economy.

Our nation embraces innovation — just as the automobile replaced horses as our mode of transportation, the companies that reflect American values of innovation and kindness are thriving. McDonald's, Walmart, SeaWorld, Armani and others are making great strides, and we need a partner in the White House to advance these issues and to oppose efforts to turn back the clock.

Mr. President, please pledge your support to the great American causes of caring for our animal companions, preserving the wildlife who enrich our lives, showing mercy and compassion to animals raised for food, committing to 21st century science and moving away from antiquated animal models, and protecting the welfare of America's horses.

I urge you to protect the progress we've made and continue working to put an end to all forms of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect.

Thank you,

Petition Signatures

Nov 20, 2017 Marguerite Panzica
Nov 19, 2017 Gen Agustsson
Nov 19, 2017 Rebecca Dunne
Nov 19, 2017 aya oda
Nov 19, 2017 Morgan Belfer
Nov 19, 2017 Gisele PENA
Nov 18, 2017 Stacey Govito
Nov 18, 2017 Carolyn Francis
Nov 18, 2017 Kelly Cole
Nov 17, 2017 Sheryl Precopia
Nov 17, 2017 June Helker
Nov 17, 2017 Katt Sims
Nov 17, 2017 Jeanette Desmond
Nov 17, 2017 Andrea Eisenberg
Nov 17, 2017 Lisa Kidd Goodman
Nov 17, 2017 Amy Long
Nov 17, 2017 sharmini sewpersad
Nov 16, 2017 Nancy Rooney
Nov 16, 2017 Sherry Frey-Brown
Nov 16, 2017 Fateh Sidhu
Nov 16, 2017 Toni Ostroskie
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 Bonnie Lamacchia
Nov 16, 2017 Ashley Wong
Nov 16, 2017 Sandra Herrera
Nov 16, 2017 Debbie Boniol
Nov 16, 2017 Monica Lewandowski
Nov 16, 2017 Sue Blackman
Nov 16, 2017 Gina Arens
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 Pamela Day
Nov 16, 2017 Elizabeth Brooks
Nov 16, 2017 Mindy Schech
Nov 16, 2017 Patti Dominick
Nov 16, 2017 Ursula Kiefert
Nov 16, 2017 Becca Polka
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 16, 2017 Faith ONeil
Nov 16, 2017 Bettina Bowers
Nov 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 15, 2017 Susan Smith
Nov 14, 2017 janice vakili
Nov 14, 2017 Kaitlin McGonigle
Nov 14, 2017 Ann Tweedy
Nov 14, 2017 Debra Edwards please help to continue working to put an end to all forms of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. as leads to hurting children and seniors. thanks
Nov 14, 2017 Patricia Brown
Nov 14, 2017 Janine Sanders
Nov 14, 2017 Laura Bernstetter
Nov 14, 2017 Sue Hayward

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