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On 10/17/2014 The Animal Rescue Site mailed 103,663 signatures to Secretary Vilsack asking him to end the cruel horse slaughter industry in the United States. While we wait for a response, please continue to sign this important petition and share it with your friends to help horses all across America!
Goal: 150,000 Progress: 106,040
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

In 2005 the United States closed the doors of the last remaining horse slaughter plants, establishing the nation as a model for parts of the world that still value horse meat as a delicacy. Now the USDA would take the nation backwards by processing applications for inspections that would reopen horse slaughter facilities.

Opinion polls reveal that 80 percent of Americans are opposed to horse slaughter of any kind. The practice is inhumane for the horses involved, produces meat unfit for human consumption, and wastes millions of taxpayers’ dollars — all so private companies can cash in on a lucrative foreign market.

And because younger, fitter horses fetch much higher prices at the market, approximately 92 percent of horses going to slaughter are healthy and capably of leading productive lives.

Horses are our companions and deserve better. Sign the petition and demand the USDA reject all applications for inspections of horse slaughter facilities.

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Dear Secretary Vilsack:

I am one of the vast majority opposed to horse slaughter.

As such, I am dismayed to learn that the USDA is processing applications for inspections of horse slaughter plants.

First and foremost, horse slaughter is inhumane for the horses involved. Younger, fitter horses fetch much higher prices at the market. Consequently, the USDA’s own reports reveal that approximately 92 percent of American horses going to slaughter are healthy and capable of leading productive lives.

Further, horses are our companions and deserve better. They have served beside us on battlefields and to this day help keep our streets safe as members of mounted police units. And public opinion polls reflect this reality: 80% of Americans are opposed to horse slaughter of any kind.

In addition to being inhumane, horse meat is unfit for human consumption. Because horses are not bred for consumption, horse tissue may contain substances dangerous for human health. And the byproducts of the slaughter process contaminate the surrounding environment.

Finally, the USDA would squander taxpayer money during a time of fiscal recovery. Federal inspections require federal funding, all so private entrepreneurs can cash in on a lucrative foreign market.

As the head of the USDA, I ask that your organization reject all applications for inspections of horse slaughter facilities.

Petition Signatures

Apr 24, 2015 Kathie Boley
Apr 24, 2015 Sarah Rose
Apr 24, 2015 Debra Jordan
Apr 24, 2015 Nicholette Ronga
Apr 24, 2015 Sylvia Byerley
Apr 24, 2015 Michael Halloran
Apr 24, 2015 virginia slocum
Apr 24, 2015 Katy Barraza
Apr 24, 2015 randy yuska
Apr 24, 2015 Ann Kroeber I'm shocked that this is even being considered. PLEASE do not approve Horse Slaughter
Apr 24, 2015 sveta shelekhova
Apr 24, 2015 Diana Gross
Apr 24, 2015 gary shields
Apr 24, 2015 Anne Wolfenbarger
Apr 24, 2015 chris dale Why do U need 2 slaughter horses 4 ANY reason ??????
Apr 24, 2015 Elodie Rodriguez
Apr 24, 2015 Tracey Mills
Apr 24, 2015 Leann Long
Apr 24, 2015 jovita prinz
Apr 24, 2015 Isabella Ondei
Apr 23, 2015 Isabel carapeto
Apr 23, 2015 Erica Koconis
Apr 23, 2015 Jan Phillips
Apr 23, 2015 Cynthia Blevins Stop this Horrible Murder of Healthy, Beautful Horses!
Apr 22, 2015 anton van der kreeft
Apr 22, 2015 Judy Stivenson
Apr 22, 2015 Allen Goriel
Apr 22, 2015 Debbie Stozek
Apr 21, 2015 Gabriele Hänseler
Apr 21, 2015 Elizabeth Huizar
Apr 21, 2015 amy silvey Most definitely I oppose the killing of any living animal. I say if you think you need an animal part buy some legos. They were meant to be pulled apart and broke into pieces- not living things!
Apr 21, 2015 Leila Rodriguez Horses are not to be eaten. They have helped our country in wars and expanded our country
Apr 21, 2015 mary bowlby
Apr 21, 2015 Amanda Wilkerson
Apr 21, 2015 Shawn Lockwood
Apr 21, 2015 plaut gilles
Apr 21, 2015 (Name not displayed) An animal's life should end in a more dignified wsy, withour fear and psin. How we treat animals reflects our civility and how we treat others.
Apr 20, 2015 mary rivas
Apr 20, 2015 Diane Gudatis
Apr 20, 2015 Al Lindstrom
Apr 20, 2015 Joan Ardrey
Apr 20, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 20, 2015 robert burdon
Apr 20, 2015 Stefanie Lamsen
Apr 19, 2015 Tina White
Apr 19, 2015 Edith Nash
Apr 19, 2015 Renata Nikolic
Apr 18, 2015 JOSÉ CAMPOS
Apr 18, 2015 William Mooneyham

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