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11/14/11: 33,115 signatures sent to Idaho Governor C.L. Otter. Please continue to sign for this important cause if you haven't already!
Goal: 75,000 Progress: 54,701
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Idaho's wolves are now more in danger than ever. Congress removed Northern Rockies wolves from the endangered species list, a move that could result in the mass killing of hundreds of these precious animals in Idaho and Montana. Many people in these areas say that the wolves threaten their livestock, but without federal protections, hunters will be allowed to conduct aerial hunts that can decimate hundreds of wolves at once.

What's worse is that the de-listing wasn't based on any scientific findings or data — it was a purely legislative move meant to allow wolf hunting for those who think the animals are preying on their livestock.

The removal of Northern Rockies wolves from the endangered species list could mean disaster for these precious creatures. Sign the petition asking Idaho's Governor C.L. Otter to stand up for the wolves and put a stop to the planned wolf hunts.

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Dear Governor Otter,

I am writing to address the issue of the Idaho wolf hunts that are to take place following the de-listing of Northern Rockies wolves from the endangered species act.

As a dedicated animal advocate, I am greatly concerned for the welfare of these wolves. The de-listing means that the wolves can be freely hunted starting in fall. Many hunters conduct aerial flights in order to kill numerous wolves at once.

What's worse is that their removal from the endangered species list wasn't based on any scientific findings. It was simply done so that disgruntled farmers can now keep wolves at bay from their livestock. Though admittedly a valid problem, mass-killing of the wolves is no way to address it.

If you care about wildlife and the future of the Northern Rockies wolves, you will prohibit anyone from killing them. After all, it wasn't so long ago we were afraid the wolves would disappear altogether.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Aug 17, 2018 Jill Yamada
Aug 17, 2018 Daniela Bress
Aug 17, 2018 Louise LaFrancis
Aug 16, 2018 Shea Nace
Aug 16, 2018 Heidi Siebens
Aug 15, 2018 Kelly Rogers
Aug 15, 2018 K Van Loon
Aug 14, 2018 Brycelyn Pirtle
Aug 14, 2018 Leslie Ellis
Aug 14, 2018 Denise Swinnen-Vanderschrick Please, don't kill those magnificent animals that are doing a great jobs by eliminating to many deer and balanced the environment greatly. Please, stop that future massacre. thank you
Aug 14, 2018 DENNIS & NORMA DATE Stop this cruel and unnecessary killing! Please have a heart for these valuable creatures!
Aug 14, 2018 Deanna Phillips
Aug 14, 2018 Jonathan Young Surely there is a better way, maybe sheepdogs?
Aug 14, 2018 Pamela Sopko Perhaps we should hold aerial searches for wolf-killers. There are other ways to protect your livestock, Humane and safe ways, try those instead!
Aug 14, 2018 Belinda Thibodeaux
Aug 14, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 14, 2018 Rosemary Butka
Aug 14, 2018 Ginnette Simmonds
Aug 14, 2018 Marc Ochs
Aug 14, 2018 Heather Carlyle
Aug 14, 2018 Heidi & Marsh
Aug 14, 2018 Irene LaPalme
Aug 14, 2018 Sheila Weithman
Aug 14, 2018 Susan Chamberlain
Aug 14, 2018 Janet Geiler
Aug 14, 2018 Bernadette Arboleda
Aug 14, 2018 Stanley Zamojski
Aug 14, 2018 Lisa Sheramn Solution - screw the farmers who are crying over someone else killing the animals they were going to kill anyway. Humans do not have a right to kill any animals, regardless of the "laws" that humans create to rule over all sentient creatures.
Aug 14, 2018 Julie Piplica
Aug 14, 2018 Betty Millin
Aug 14, 2018 Pamela Zyjewski
Aug 14, 2018 Irena Cohen
Aug 14, 2018 Cindy Theiss
Aug 14, 2018 Sharon Ormrod
Aug 14, 2018 Geneva Dingman We cannot condone killing so many at once.
Aug 14, 2018 Laura Riley
Aug 14, 2018 Stephanie Vanderpool we humans have exterminated species without thought to their place in the worldwide ecosystem. It is past time to correct this behavior before we completely destroy a complex ecosystem that sustains all life on the planet.
Aug 14, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 14, 2018 Margaret Little Any continued systematic or 'gratutitous' decimation of wolves is counter product to a healthy environment for humans; and all wildlife. This has been documented, but due to greed and indifference of politicians it has been discounted. What is in Idaho?
Aug 14, 2018 Connie Davey Balance is hard to achieve and especially in nature where man is the top predator We need ALL creatures to maintain balance. There is ample proof that animals like wolves (and beavers) are a positive influence. Please stop the hunt.
Aug 14, 2018 Kelly LeBlanc
Aug 14, 2018 Kimberly Benjamin Wild life have every right to this planet as humans do. Stop this senseless killing before we wipe out a species.
Aug 14, 2018 Francis Newlin
Aug 14, 2018 Janine Hill
Aug 14, 2018 Jan Hallett
Aug 14, 2018 Carol Cody Stop this evil!
Aug 14, 2018 Christen Mann ALL animals; domestic or wild--deserve nothing but love & protection.
Aug 14, 2018 Sherrill Callender Whenever man interferes with nature, the balance is overthrown and these ridiculous draconian actions are taken which are devastating to our wildlife. Do not permit these wolf hunts!
Aug 14, 2018 E Hutton It's time to honor and respect ALL life as we wish our own human lives to be valued. These magnificent beings deserve our awe and our protection. They HELP our environment. See their value, not their untrue problems.
Aug 14, 2018 (Name not displayed)

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