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On April 28, 2014, the Animal Rescue Site mailed 114,602 signatures to Google supporting this petition. Continue to show your support for this important petition while we wait for a response by signing below!
Goal: 150,000 Progress: 121,301
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Google has refused to take down the controversial dog fighting video game, KG Dogfighting, from its application marketplace.

KG Dogfighting is a game users can download onto their phones that allows them to be a virtual player in a dog fighting ring. Players train their dogs and pit them against those of other players.

Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states because it carries serious consequences for the dogs involved. The dogs must fight each other until one is either too injured to continue or, worse, dies. If the dogs are injured and unable to continue fighting, they are often used as bait to capture and rile up other potential dogs for fighting.

Dog fighting is also extremely detrimental to society as statistics have shown that people who abuse animals are also more likely to harm a human being.

Please sign the petition imploring Google to remove this reprehensible game from their application marketplace.

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Dear Mr. Page, CEO:

The KG Dogfighting game currently offered in your application marketplace is morally despicable. The game allows players to train and fight their dogs against other players'. Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, yet you are peddling a game that supports this abhorrent "sport."

Dog fighting leaves countless dogs injured or dead. They are forced fight to the death when in the rings. Those who don't die in the fights are often used to bait and train other dogs. Virtually no dog involved stands a chance for survival.

Dog fighting doesn't just affect the dogs either — it also has grave consequences for society. Statistics have shown that abuse against animals is also often connected to human abuse as well.

We can't stop dog fighting single-handedly but we can take steps toward reducing its occurrence. Supporting a game that encourages this deadly sport surely doesn't help.

While the app may not directly violate the terms of your marketplace, it contradicts your company's celebrated motto: "Don't be evil."

Please discontinue KG Dogfighting and speak out against this savage sport.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Aug 1, 2014 Madeleine Boyne
Aug 1, 2014 Karen Miller
Aug 1, 2014 Nicola Holzwarth
Aug 1, 2014 Angela Howard
Aug 1, 2014 Lois Hemm
Aug 1, 2014 Hilary Field
Aug 1, 2014 judy dodson We ALL KNOW that people who abuse animals abuse people too. Promoting dog fighting is abuse of dogs. Dogs are meant to be companions and to love and be loved. Dog fighting is the reason people hate pit bulls. Please do not make it a game for profit.
Aug 1, 2014 Marie Osmundsen
Aug 1, 2014 Rossemary Anderson
Aug 1, 2014 (Name not displayed) pls remove google how can you encourage this !!! shame on you.....
Aug 1, 2014 Angela Bonner
Aug 1, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 1, 2014 Keith Beam
Aug 1, 2014 Jennifer Ritter
Aug 1, 2014 Susan Graham
Aug 1, 2014 Theresa Haines
Aug 1, 2014 Celine Danielmeyer
Aug 1, 2014 Darcy Majus
Aug 1, 2014 Lisa Foster
Aug 1, 2014 Donna Willis
Aug 1, 2014 karen hoyt
Aug 1, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 1, 2014 anke bartels
Aug 1, 2014 Christy French Your actions don't back your words. Please stop this.
Aug 1, 2014 Colleen Zaldivar
Aug 1, 2014 Melissa Troeller
Aug 1, 2014 Kirsten Gilroy It is an absolute disgrace, people should not be in any way shape or form, encouraged to have anything to do with this horrific practice. Anything to do with the practice should be wiped out of existence.
Aug 1, 2014 Ingeborg Einis
Aug 1, 2014 Bettina Igel
Jul 31, 2014 David Bosworth
Jul 31, 2014 Kat Ehret
Jul 31, 2014 Merryl Schalk
Jul 31, 2014 Christine Radomski Shame on you Google!
Jul 31, 2014 Carolyn Hammonds
Jul 31, 2014 Cathrynne Johnston
Jul 31, 2014 judy coughlin
Jul 31, 2014 Carl Morales
Jul 31, 2014 Katrin Winterer
Jul 31, 2014 Dean Kelly
Jul 31, 2014 Nadine Tränkle
Jul 31, 2014 Becky Mastoras
Jul 31, 2014 Lori McCabe
Jul 30, 2014 Alexis Beasley
Jul 30, 2014 felisha juska
Jul 30, 2014 Jody Seppmann
Jul 30, 2014 Jennifer Birks
Jul 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 30, 2014 erich gundlach
Jul 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)

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