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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 19,839
Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Australia's humpback whales need your help. The Kimberley region of Western Australia is in danger of becoming yet another area of gas industrial development. But the Kimberley is home to many precious animal species such as the humpback whale.

Kimberley's humpback whales will be in grave danger if oil giants like Chevron and Shell are allowed to establish their proposed oil-mining refineries. These massive-scale projects would threaten the well being of the entire Kimberley humpback population and carry grave implications for their survival.

Write to Australia's environment minister Tony Burke asking him stand up for the whales and to put a moratorium on all gas and oil projects in or near the Kimberley region.

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Dear Tony Burke,

I am very concerned about the future of the Kimberley region's humpback whale population. Huge oil giants like Shell, Chevron, and BP are threatening to start massive oil and gas projects in the Kimberley region. These refinery proposals could have grave consequences for the whales.

The humpback whales seek breeding and feeding territory in the Kimberley, and industrializing the area would severely interfere with the natural animal processes here.

Please voice your opposition to these destructive projects and stand up for the Kimberley's humpback whales!

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Mar 27, 2015 Kelly Inviere
Mar 27, 2015 Tatiana Wimmers
Mar 27, 2015 Miranda Pessot
Mar 27, 2015 Phillip Duffer
Mar 27, 2015 debbie mcqueen
Mar 26, 2015 Werner Frühwirth
Mar 26, 2015 Maria Jazic
Mar 26, 2015 Catherine Raymond
Mar 26, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 26, 2015 lisaglenn goodman
Mar 26, 2015 Joan Roberts
Mar 25, 2015 Pia Ulrike Lödige
Mar 25, 2015 Natasha Agosto Garcia
Mar 25, 2015 James Murphy
Mar 25, 2015 susan sander
Mar 25, 2015 Lucia Nocentini
Mar 25, 2015 Elizabeth Venney
Mar 25, 2015 b w
Mar 25, 2015 Rachael Pappano
Mar 25, 2015 Lorraine Dumas
Mar 25, 2015 Theresa Miller
Mar 25, 2015 jane taylor Stop this!
Mar 24, 2015 nathalie lanciaux
Mar 24, 2015 blandine Schneider
Mar 23, 2015 Elizabeth Snyder~Baldonado
Mar 23, 2015 Elizabeth Aguirre
Mar 23, 2015 Britt Paquin
Mar 23, 2015 Casey Schmidt Please do not allow the oil companies into that region, or you will/may have a repeat of the US's oil disaster that will mean the devastation of the hump back whale and other native species. I know you have a heart, please use it and do not allow this !!
Mar 22, 2015 Dawn Barber
Mar 22, 2015 nayana yashwari
Mar 22, 2015 Valerie Sanderson Leave the whales and the other animal species alone! You've ruined enough!
Mar 21, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 21, 2015 Susan Gamble
Mar 21, 2015 leanne doescher
Mar 21, 2015 Christine Miller The whales are more important than more senseless drilling. Please protect the whales who cannot speak for themselves!
Mar 21, 2015 Renae Gilbert
Mar 20, 2015 Teresa Burford
Mar 20, 2015 Kelly Boulter
Mar 20, 2015 Gisela Gama
Mar 20, 2015 Lisa Haut
Mar 20, 2015 Inga Murrell
Mar 20, 2015 Richard Prideaux
Mar 20, 2015 Monica Guarneri
Mar 19, 2015 Julia Mendez
Mar 19, 2015 SALI EVANS
Mar 18, 2015 Daniela Zegada
Mar 18, 2015 michaela crowe
Mar 18, 2015 Romy Bank
Mar 17, 2015 Angela Brunk
Mar 17, 2015 Pam Midura

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