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Sponsored by: The Animal Rescue Site

Lolita, a killer whale that was captured from the wild back in 1970, now resides at the Miami Seaquarium where she is being forced to live out her life as a performer whale. Lolita's home is a small, circular pool that hardly resembles anything like her natural habitat. Here, Lolita lives in solitude, never having any contact with other whales or sea creatures. Her life consists of entertaining humans and swimming around her lonely pool.

This is no way for a living creature to exist. The Miami Seaquarium needs to take responsibility for the poor manner in which they have cared for Lolita. Lolita deserves to live out the rest of her life in a state-of-the-art facility with companions, not alone in a decrepit pool. Sign the petition urging the Miami Seaquarium to restore Lolita's tank and at last make her living conditions humane.

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Dear Miami Seaquarium director,

I'm horrified to hear of the conditions in which Lolita the whale (and other sea creatures at your facility) is living at the Miami Seaquarium. Lolita was cruelly captured from her natural habitat back in 1970, and has lived a solitary, miserable life ever since. Taken from her pod of companions, Lolita was transferred to the Miami Seaquarium where she now lives in a 20-foot-deep and 35-foot-wide concrete pool. She can't even stand upright on her tail without her whole head peaking out of the water. It's absolute insanity to think this is an acceptable way to treat a living creature.

All animals, and especially sea creatures, thrive in environments where they are able to communicate with other animals and move around freely. Keeping Lolita by herself in the tiny tank is just the opposite of that. If you're going to keep marine animals in your facility, you need to learn the right ways to care for them. The rusty, dilapidated tanks that collect trash and garbage just aren't cutting it.

It's Lolita's right to live the rest of her life in a facility that resembles her natural surroundings as closely as possible. You can make up for the years of pain and suffering you have caused Lolita by restoring her pool, allowing her contact with other marine life, and treating her with the respect she deserves. Please do the right thing for this majestic creature.

Thanks for your time.

Petition Signatures

Aug 28, 2015 John Petteford
Aug 28, 2015 Leilani Leszkay
Aug 28, 2015 Gillian Cockwill
Aug 28, 2015 Rose Thompson
Aug 28, 2015 Savannah Santos SAVE LOLITA
Aug 28, 2015 Edurne Gonzalez
Aug 27, 2015 Jillyanne Downs
Aug 26, 2015 kristi ellenberger
Aug 26, 2015 sue arnold Please do something now to end this suffering.....
Aug 26, 2015 Patricia Bush
Aug 26, 2015 Anne Kingston Come on guys, stop this cruelty and give this animla some quality of life.
Aug 25, 2015 Theresia Styadinata
Aug 25, 2015 Amy Wrobel
Aug 25, 2015 Angels Puig
Aug 25, 2015 daniela e
Aug 25, 2015 Ulla-Carin Bergström
Aug 25, 2015 Diane Groth
Aug 25, 2015 Emily Dixon
Aug 25, 2015 Leisa Baumann
Aug 25, 2015 Laura Dani
Aug 24, 2015 Marta,Betty,David,Fernando,Joel Anguiano-Volsansky
Aug 23, 2015 Melissa Mercurio Seaquarium doesn't care about this intelligent animal--it wants to increase it's profit margin. The public is catching on, though, and soon tired old Seaquarium will be closed and forgotten. Good riddance!
Aug 23, 2015 Jenny Way 45 years in a tiny tank is abuse, she should be released into a sea pen before being released into the wild, to live out her days in the sea where she belongs
Aug 23, 2015 giovanna Ramírez
Aug 23, 2015 ivana carrozzi
Aug 21, 2015 Mary Brown
Aug 20, 2015 Kelly lafond
Aug 20, 2015 Laurie Fisher
Aug 20, 2015 Roberta Thurmond How horrible! This should be against the law, these are animal abusers. Release her immediately so that she can live out her life as close to her natural environment as possible.
Aug 20, 2015 Terry Joe Farmer
Aug 20, 2015 fran oakes
Aug 20, 2015 Haley Beier
Aug 20, 2015 christiane bade
Aug 19, 2015 Shelley Tsuji
Aug 19, 2015 Janice Martz
Aug 19, 2015 Tom Sprague
Aug 19, 2015 al sellers
Aug 19, 2015 Teresa Smith PLEASE LET HER GO!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOD
Aug 19, 2015 Leanne Cracknell
Aug 19, 2015 Dana Norton
Aug 19, 2015 pia olausson
Aug 19, 2015 Ayesha Vavrek
Aug 19, 2015 Michelle Barbour
Aug 19, 2015 Catherine Lee
Aug 19, 2015 Morgan Mayfaire
Aug 18, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 18, 2015 fuchs nadine
Aug 17, 2015 joann granger
Aug 17, 2015 Emily Mortola
Aug 17, 2015 Deborah Summerville

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