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7,528 signatures sent on 05/14. Please continue to support this important cause by signing if you haven't already. Thank you!
Goal: 75,000 Progress: 53,375
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Nevada's Bureau of Land Management plans to herd a large group of mustangs out of their peaceful habitat—a practice that is responsible for the senseless injuries and deaths of thousands of these wild and beautiful creatures.

You can help the horses remain in their natural environment. Tell the BLM to put an end to their roundups, allowing the horses to run free where they belong.

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Dear Bob Abbey,

As a concerned citizen, I am writing to inform you of my outrage at the Bureau of Land Management's horse roundups in Nevada. The BLM has claimed that these roundups are necessary to sustainably manage the mustang population and protect the environment. However, the herding you are doing in the Twin Peaks area is inhumane and cruel.

Your agency's harrowing tactics unnecessarily injure and kill innocent mustangs each time you conduct a roundup, and with record-low mustang adoption rates, the horses that are captured face a lifetime of confinement in overcrowded shelters.

It's your job as experts in this industry to develop population control methods that do not directly harm living animals. Regulating the 3-4 million grazing cattle and sheep on BLM lands would be more productive than essentially jailing some of our 27,000 remaining mustangs for life. Effective and humane techniques, such as a contraceptive PZP vaccine, are available and proven options.

Please put these noble animals first, and put an end to unnecessary and harmful roundups. The Twin Peaks mustangs should remain in their rightful habitat.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Jan 15, 2018 Anna Tracey This senceless slauter of these beautiful megnifacent animals need,s to stop .Leave them be let them run free
Jan 14, 2018 Sieglinda Preez
Jan 14, 2018 Rick Thomason
Jan 14, 2018 Doreen Mapes
Jan 14, 2018 Sheri Nolen
Jan 13, 2018 Cathy Saunders
Jan 13, 2018 Susan Wilson
Jan 11, 2018 Lynn Gaudette
Jan 9, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 9, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 7, 2018 Angela Koenenn Please stop this it is sickening what they do to the horses stop the abuse
Jan 7, 2018 April Zingaro STOP the abuse..NOW!!!
Jan 7, 2018 Marilyn Dean
Jan 6, 2018 Lisa Greenlee Please find humane ways to manage these mustangs
Jan 6, 2018 Jennifer Davies
Jan 6, 2018 Davina Lee
Jan 5, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 4, 2018 Sandra Tucker
Jan 4, 2018 Karen Cassidy
Jan 4, 2018 Betty Lyons
Jan 4, 2018 Steve Mac
Jan 4, 2018 Jill Simodynes
Jan 4, 2018 Susan LeMaster
Jan 3, 2018 Patricia Harp
Jan 3, 2018 Nancy Cohen
Jan 3, 2018 Josie Lopez
Jan 3, 2018 Patricia Joanides
Jan 3, 2018 Maelie Bugat
Jan 3, 2018 Laurie Bynum
Jan 3, 2018 Joyce MacNeil
Jan 3, 2018 Robin Baytes
Jan 3, 2018 Lesley Bosworth
Jan 3, 2018 Jeannie Richards
Jan 3, 2018 Melanie Melzar
Jan 3, 2018 Maria Harwood
Jan 3, 2018 Rhonda Sigman
Jan 3, 2018 (Name not displayed) All creatures want to be free
Jan 3, 2018 Linda DiDomenico
Jan 3, 2018 Donna Delin
Jan 3, 2018 Catherine Buchanan There is absolutely no mathematical evidence presented that the current horse population along with the rate of births is having a devastating effect on the carrying capacity of the land. Stop getting the cattle numbers and horse numbers mixed up!
Jan 3, 2018 Vonda Nixon
Jan 3, 2018 Guy Rein
Jan 3, 2018 Janice Howard-Greenberg
Jan 3, 2018 Mary OShields
Jan 3, 2018 Cynthia Cabell
Jan 3, 2018 Michelle 2045 Campbell Hiles The BLM have no right to round up the mustangs and hurt and kill in the process. Please stop this abuse and let them be!
Jan 3, 2018 Maureen Drews
Jan 3, 2018 Lorraine Higgins
Jan 3, 2018 Pauline Mitchell Stop this cruelty.

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