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There have been a shocking 45 pet food recalls since the start of 2014 according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. That's an unacceptable risk for pets and their families. Sign now to tell the FDA enough is enough.
Goal: 75,000 Progress: 46,072
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Pet food has long been a source of worry for pet owners and health officials. Reports of salmonella contamination are frequent, and threaten not only animals eating the food but also the owners handling it. Nutritional deficiencies and toxins have been found in pet foods as well — including melamine, which caused a tragic loss of life in 2007.

The FDA’s new proposal includes safety requirements similar to those in place for manufacturers of human food, ensuring that manufacturers are proactive in their efforts to keep pet food safe. The current system is reactive; the government does not respond to pet food safety issues until after they are reported. In 2007 it took nearly a month of reports from consumers before the melamine was discovered and a recall was announced, and thousands of dogs and cats are believed to have died.

This long-awaited move by the FDA is likely to be opposed, and possibly diluted, by large pet food manufacturers and importers. Make your voice heard now: It’s past time for the FDA to help ensure that the food we feed our pets is safe!

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Dear FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, M.D.:

As you know, the discovery and recall of contaminated pet food happens on far too frequent a basis. Recalls of pet food due to salmonella contamination are announced regularly. The melamine scandal of 2007, which caused the tragic loss of thousands of beloved pets and even made it into the human food supply via chicken feed, serves as a warning of how sweeping pet food contamination can be.

I am incredibly supportive of your proposal to enact stronger pet food manufacturing safety regulations similar to those in place for food for humans. No doubt you will receive many communications from organizations determined to dilute and weaken your proposal. I choose to support strong regulation to protect health and lives. Please continue to consider the health of our animals and our population, and enact these regulations faithfully and completely.


Petition Signatures

Aug 30, 2014 Marci Murcray Just because they don't speak our language is no reason for not caring about their food quality. Lets inspect what they eat more closely! No one wants their pet injured by preforming the loving task of feeding them!
Aug 30, 2014 Gabrielle Suh
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed) Why isn't anything being done for pets. Do you people not know pets are family also. Stop this nonsense of pet food already. That's what we pay you people for.
Aug 30, 2014 Gina Reyes I believe the standards for dog food should be raised if you take in consideration all the animal deaths in 2014 alone. Something needs to be done to protect our Dogs ( to most of us they are family members ).
Aug 30, 2014 Jennie Rilea
Aug 30, 2014 Melinda Brown Our dogs are our children and deserve to be protected
Aug 30, 2014 M C
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 30, 2014 Teri Copper Please! Our pets are members of our families too. Please help protect them!
Aug 30, 2014 Toni Hoffman This is ridiculous we love our pets
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed) My Dog got Pancreatitis from a well known healthy dog food. Dog food recalls are happening way to frequent.Dogs are dieing due to companys buying from china and not testing what they put in our pets food. We need your help. PLEASE
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed) Please save our dogs. They are our Family!!
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed) It's getting ridiculous. I'm afraid to feed my dogs dog food. Please help!
Aug 30, 2014 windy plummer
Aug 30, 2014 christine johnson
Aug 30, 2014 sally adams
Aug 30, 2014 Victoria Rhoades
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed) Please stop this recall processes. So many families are affected by this. Please send very strong message to pet food manufacturers for being so negligent
Aug 30, 2014 carol linton how would you like your dog to eat this crap
Aug 30, 2014 Dena Ledford
Aug 30, 2014 Julie Smith
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 30, 2014 Elana Hawkensen
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed) This is wrong! Protect our dogs FDA!!
Aug 30, 2014 gail cameron
Aug 30, 2014 Norma Sellars
Aug 30, 2014 Catherine Grant
Aug 30, 2014 Lora Vanover Our pets are our family members. They too should be protected on what they eat. Poor quality food takes a toll in our savings with doctor bills. And their health is in jeopardy. Please help put a stop to this.
Aug 30, 2014 carlean moser
Aug 30, 2014 Cindy Downie This needs to stop - our pets are also our family .More needs to be done to insure the safety of our pets - inspect more closely , better quality control , improved facilities that produce pets food .Take action NOW !
Aug 30, 2014 Dynelle Gibson Please change this!!! Our animals deserve better!!!
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 30, 2014 Sherry Cranford FDA, Enact Stricter Safety Measures for pet food.
Aug 30, 2014 Jennifer Davies Yes, enough is enough! We are paying for these food products for our dogs! I just, wonder what other health risks our dogs ate subjected to each time they eat their food. Metal fragments...? What else?
Aug 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 30, 2014 Paudeen Ostenson
Aug 30, 2014 Susie Todd Fix this problem! Shame on you! This is getting ridiculous on your part. I'll never buy this brand ever again!
Aug 30, 2014 Karen Pickl
Aug 30, 2014 sam simmons please feed our animal good food
Aug 29, 2014 marika goldmann Why is this happening again!!!!!
Aug 29, 2014 (Name not displayed) My dog won't eat most dog food . I've been making it for him. When I hear of all the recalls, I'm glad he is so picky.
Aug 29, 2014 Leigh Harville This is ridiculous! No excuse for the amount of recalls because the government once again isn't doing their job
Aug 29, 2014 Debra Charette
Aug 29, 2014 Christin Anderson
Aug 29, 2014 Eric Lanterman
Aug 29, 2014 Korey Hernandez
Aug 29, 2014 Nazli Seewer
Aug 29, 2014 Molly Rogers

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